New version 1.0.024

Added by rdnzl about 1 year ago

Added: Expanded setting form with TCP for JeeLabs and Visonic
Changed: Extended devicetype description field lenght
Fixed: Also fix buienradar url for new installs
Fixed: Buienradar new url and better error checking to prevent startup failures
Fixed: Velbus plugin set the wrong weekday
Changed: UniPi plugin should work better with relay functionality
Added: Install sql jeelabs/visonic settings
Added: Modbus RTU/ASCII mode configuration
Fixed: Modbus IEEE 32-bit value type
Fixed: UniPi plugin couldn't decode message
Fixed: UniPi/Evok requires a differen Origin header in the request
Fixed: Detect correct MQTT payload type.
Fixed: Control of KMTronicUDP devices.
Changed: Modbus address can be found in the database, when using a single digit
Changed: Extended queue timer from 100msec to 1sec
ADD: TCP support for Visonic; ADD: Database upgrades for Visonic and JeeLabs
Changed: Modbus plugin supports 32-bit IEEE values
Changed: Modbus plugin supports ASCII mode too
Changed: Modbus plugin supports 4x 16-bit registers with correction
Added: DomotiGa will check if group 'dialout' is added, otherwise it will give a warning
Added: More device icons
Fixed: Edit Users didn't work anymore
Changed: Modbus plugin supports 64-bit values
Added: Two factor authentication support, needs more testing. Thanks Johan.
Fixed: Velbus plugin send a wrong date to the modules
Changed: Removed unused variable warnings
Changed: Plugin debug settings log always show right instance
Fixed: Code cleanup, log settings for all plugins.
Fixed: DeviceEditor crashed during floorplan edit
Fixed: DeviceEditor only shows interface if it exactly matches
Changed: DeviceEditor location/floor editor goes to right tab
Changed: Renamed ProMax device from generic to specific type
Fixed: Modbus plugin device address was hex vs dec
Added: ProMax device
Changed: JeeLabs plugin uses CSocket/CSerialPort now
Changed: Improved plugin logging
Added: Velbus thermostat supports SetPoint
Added: Prowl plugin supports priority
Removed: DSC plugin direct sms support (not used anymore?)
Added: New icons for devices
Changed: Device Editor will only show .jpg name if it is invalid
Added: RFXComTRX supports lighting5: Avantek and IT
Changed: RFXComTRX will warn before writing to a disconnected port
Fixed: domotiga.sql plugin protocol list was still 512 char
Changed: MySensors plugin should support multiple subtype within the same nodeid.childid
Added: Device address can be automatically removed (e.g. for upgrades)
Changed: Plugin logging improved
Added: RFXComTRX plugin recognize Type1/Type2/Ext firmware
Added: RFXComTRX plugin recognize firmware 1001 and up
Fixed: Removed invalid TRC022 interface/device
Changed: Plugin logging improved
Fixed: Velbus plugin sometimes gave an error on date request during init
Fixed: Velbus plugin error output didn't always go to main too
Fixed: PhilipsHue plugin crashed when the device didn't have the 'bri' value, like Osram devices
Changed: PhilipsHue plugin logging improved
Added: Philips Hue Osram Plug01 device
Fixed: Removed 'system' warning from GlobalVar
Added: Velbus plugin supports VMBGP1, VMBGP2, VMBGP4, VMB6PBN and VMB8PBU
Added: Velbus plugin will auto-sync date/time during start-up
Changed: Velbus plugin updates
Fixed: CSerialPort used an invalid ToString()
Fixed: CSocket reconnect bug, multiple session could exist
Fixed: CSocket write shouldn't ToString()
Added: First start on detection of multiple DomotiGa's running
Changed: Velbus plugin updates
Fixed: DomoZWave wrapper could crash under high load of notifications
Added: First start on detection of multiple DomotiGa's running
Fixed: Directory structure creation didn't work properly
Changed: Updated Velbus devices
Changed: Velbus plugin updates
Fixed: JSON-RPC server didn't give an error if the port couldn't listen
Fixed: Velbus plugin didn't scan the velbus during startup
Changed: Velbus plugin updates
Changed: Updated Velbus plugin
Added: More velbus modules
Added: Unit 'ppm' for device values
Added: 2 Velbus devices
Fixed: Restarting JSON-RPC in client/server mode doesn't give an error anymore
Changed: Velbus improvements
Added: DomoZWave support color (RGBW), receive-only
Changed: Code cleanup
Added: Velbus device icons
Fixed: DomoZWave wrapper sometimes crashed
Changed: Velbus plugin code optimized and improved logging
Changed: Code cleanup
Fixed: Velbus setting couldn't configure relayport
Changed: Velbus code improved, better logging
Changed: Removed obsolete warnings and code improvements
Fixed: CXively plugin could crash on invalid data
Changed: Code cleanup/improvement
Changed: Velbus input data parsing improved
Changed: CTX35 uses CSerialPort/CSocket
Changed: CurrentCost uses CSerialPort/CSocket
Changed: CDenon uses CSerialPort/CSocket
Fixed: CSerialPort DTR shouldn't be read-only
Fixed: OpenZWave API could return invalid json data