Falcom A2D SMS Modem Support

With this module you can sent SMS text messages, SMS receive support is on the to-do list.

Falcom A2D-1
D-Sub 9pin: RS232
LEDs for Power, Reset / Ring indication
Piezo buzzer
RJ45 8pin (shielded): Falcom A2D-1
Soft On, Soft Reset
RS232 (Rx,Tx), audio, power output.
RJ11 4pin: power input 10.8-31.2 Volt
40 mA/12V in idle mode
210 mA/12V in transmit mode
FME female: GSM antenna (base station sends at - 85dBm)
SIM Card reader: small SIM cards
GSM Engine FALCOM A2 D-900/1800-B

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