New version 1.0.023

I hereby declare version 1.0.023 to be released, as always you must upgrade your database.
So please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

Some highlights:

Better Websocket and Visonic support.
SSL for JSON-RPC, User passwords working again, using SHA256 for new entries.
CSerialPort/CSocket common code, better reconnects.
Support for RFLink, UniPi and Modbus RTU added (needs testing)
OpenZwave/Wrapper memory leaks fixed!
JSON-RPC speedup and bugs fixed.
MySensor bugfixes and enhancements.

Thanks a lot to all who contributed!

You can find the rest of the changelog here

Have Fun!
Ron Klinkien

Gambas 3.8.4 Raspberry Pi Packages

Thanks to Alexie new compiled Gambas 3.8.4 packages are available in our Raspberry Pi repository.
We have them available for Jessie this time.
Read here how to use them.
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If you use this software or just like the project please consider a donation, either in ideas, code, hardware
or by making a small payment so I can buy new hardware to develop for.
Click the PayPal button above to make your donation.

I appreciate any help.
This wiki is open for anyone to provide help, let it grow and improve!
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DomotiGa is Open Source Home Automation Software from the Netherlands. It is written in Gambas Basic and runs on Linux.

You can read all kinds of sensor values with it, let it detect motion and schedule lights at certain times by the use of several hardware, for example an RFXCom receiver, Xanura CTX35 A10/X10 controller and Midon TEMP08 1-wire interface and more … It is released under the GNU GPL V3 License [].

The latest version can be downloaded by using [source:/trunk git].

$ git clone domotiga

This will download the complete tree in the directory called domotiga. Use the menu on the right to learn more about this project.

You can follow me on Twitter @domotiga

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