WiringPi is a GPIO access library written in C for the BCM2835 used in the Raspberry Pi.

DomotiGa has a WiringPi plugin to work with it, developed by epiniguin, checked in in the beta branch with for DomotiGa with commit d7115379 and will be released with DomotiGa 1.0.017.


Download, build and install the WiringPi library:


Before trying to use DomotiGa to control things, it is a good thing to try if things work with a simple application like Blink:



You can enable WiringPi using the Setup window you can find under Interfaces -> Input/Output -> WiringPi:

Then add a device and set the Type to WiringPi:

  • The Device can be:
    • RaspberryPi I/O, RaspberryPi I/O Inverted or
    • WiringPi I/O and WiringPi I/O Inverted
  • The Interface is fixed
  • Address:
    • <pin> for normal RapberryPI GPIO
    • <wiringpi>:<baseaddr>:<i2caddr>[:additional options]|<pin> for WiringPI extensions.
  • For the remaining fields and tabs, see Devices.

WiringPI address examples

For MCP23017:


For MCP3428:

0:0 are sample rate(0-2) and gain(0-3), 105=0x69 because WiringPI doesn't work normally with hex addresses more than 0x40 - I don't know why.


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