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02:01 PM DomotiGa Support: RE: DomoZWave wrapper Ubuntu 18.04
Het lijkt er op dat deze nu libjson-c-dev heet. (nog niet getest)


08:36 PM DomotiGa Support: RE: DomotiGa Modbus TCP
The address has two parts before the : is the slave address between 1 and 247 in hex with trailing 0
01-F7 followed ...
07:01 PM DomotiGa Support: RE: DomotiGa Modbus TCP
I have looked at your issue, and fixed it I think.
It's committed over the latest branch, so you can simply d...
06:58 PM DomotiGa Revision dd5fccaf (domotiga): Updated binaries.
06:55 PM DomotiGa Revision b3ee6f1c (domotiga): Fixed crash when editing ModBus configuration via GUI.


06:51 PM DomotiGa Support: RE: Using the gambas repo maintained by domotiga: error
I uploaded them to the repo, please test.
See here for small instruction:
06:46 PM DomotiGa Gambas 3.10.0 has been released
This new version has 150 new features, and 225 bug fixes.
The main important features of this new version are the fo...
06:43 PM DomotiGa Gambas 3.10.0 Raspberry Pi packages for Stretch
Gambas 3.10.0 Raspberry Pi Packages
Thanks to Alexie who compiled Gambas 3.10.0 packages for distro Stretch they are...


11:54 AM DomotiGa Support: RE: Smartvisu periode issue - possible solution
@Raymond please update me, what excatly do I need to validate?
I was out of DomotiGa land for some time, need to pic...
11:52 AM DomotiGa Support: RE: How to reset a interfase via script
I think you can even use the build-in events just trigger on a time, and define an action with type _script_ and then...

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