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06:51 PM DomotiGa Support: RE: Using the gambas repo maintained by domotiga: error
I uploaded them to the repo, please test.
See here for small instruction:
06:46 PM DomotiGa Gambas 3.10.0 has been released
This new version has 150 new features, and 225 bug fixes.
The main important features of this new version are the fo...
06:43 PM DomotiGa Gambas 3.10.0 Raspberry Pi packages for Stretch
Gambas 3.10.0 Raspberry Pi Packages
Thanks to Alexie who compiled Gambas 3.10.0 packages for distro Stretch they are...


11:54 AM DomotiGa Support: RE: Smartvisu periode issue - possible solution
@Raymond please update me, what excatly do I need to validate?
I was out of DomotiGa land for some time, need to pic...
11:52 AM DomotiGa Support: RE: How to reset a interfase via script
I think you can even use the build-in events just trigger on a time, and define an action with type _script_ and then...


03:53 PM DomotiGa Development: RE: Integration of Visonic / Powermax (pro) in Domotiga
Hi I didn't receive the logfile on that e-mail address yet.
If you can try again?
I will forward it to Alexie then.


05:41 PM DomotiGa Support: RE: shell script - sainsmart relayboard
I guess that domotiga is polling your script to get the status, just query the arguments for the script for 'on' or '...


10:58 AM DomotiGa Development: RE: Omniksol support.
There is currently no RS485 support for Omniksol, I only use a Wifi module, my inverter didn't come with the standard...


12:10 PM DomotiGa Support: RE: Actiontype command doesn't execute the command...but gives no error
What does the first line of your script look like (the shebang line)
Maybe the script is called but the environment ...


04:04 PM DomotiGa Support: RE: Actiontype command doesn't execute the command...but gives no error
Some thoughts;
Does it matter if you specify the absolute path to the linux script, or do you use that already? So s...

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