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Alexa is taking the world by storm, and is now available in Europe (well UK at least)
Are there any plans to make DomtiGa compatible with it?


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RE: Amazon Echo / Dot / Alexa - Added by linuxmate about 2 months ago

probably my suggestion caused a little misunderstandig... I think only that maybe a good idea simply add the link to your actual python project into Domotiga Website, eventually among available modules: your script is very stable, perfectly integrated even if separated, and it works very well: why don't keep it as now as a simply stand-alone project? Less elegant but functional!


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after your latest fix on KNX dimmer device, now Echo/Alexa gives like before some errors on dimming values...

Alexa voice command | Domotiga | Alexa respond

10% --> 9% error
20% --> 20% error
30% --> 29% error
40% --> 39% (but alexa gives OK)
50% --> 49% error
60% --> 59% (but alexa gives OK)
70% --> 70% (OK)
80% --> 80% (OK)
90% --> 89% error

I think is caused by the value -1 recorded on the slider (view my report on KNX thread), but I don't know exactely.


RE: Amazon Echo / Dot / Alexa - Added by linuxmate 22 days ago

I have also noticed now that in the single value dimming device, if you give the on command, the slider (domotiga and Alexa app) goes to maximum, but Alexa says that the device doesn't support the requested value (out of range, or similar message).
Dimming control works (with errors)
Off command is executed instead without problems.

No problems on double value device (except values errors, as reported)


RE: Amazon Echo / Dot / Alexa - Added by linuxmate 15 days ago

after your new domotiga-beta release, I have noticed the following strange things, but ONLY in the new double-value dimmer device:
- NO problems with on/off commands (voice control and app)
- NO problems with dimming commands and % values (voice control and app)
- NO problems with Domotiga control box (everytime is aligned)
- NO errors said by Alexa, in all functions
- Only on the Echo/Alexa App, after the Off command is gived and after about 20-30 seconds, is showed a message on the device that say about "the device don't support the requested value": the message is everytime showed, until is gived the next command (on, dim, off), perfectly executed, but when is turned Off again, is showed and persists the message.
This is not a real issue, only a bit annoying: If you think is correctable into the domo-hue-alexa script without touch the now fully functional double-value dimmer device in Domotiga, will be great.


RE: Amazon Echo / Dot / Alexa - Added by linuxmate 14 days ago

probably I have found the origin of the little "issue" decribed before: the Alexa app, doesn't accept "0"% dimming value for HUE device when is off, but this one is instead perfect for Domotiga double-value device, and all normal dimming devices (KNX and others): if this is a unsolvable little incompatibility bug, dont' worry: in any case will be not right modify double-value device into Domotiga, why this one is working properly.
Note that Alexa give never errors on vocals messages, but you can see the error message only if you look at Amazon app.


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excuse me, unfortunately I have noticed only now that a similar issue happens also with the single-value dimming device BUT instead ONLY with SWITCH ON command (instead of switching off with the double-value device): probably in this case Alexa try to send 100% value with ON, but is not supported by device.
Sometimes, when you give to Alexa the switch-on command, you receive a vocal error that says that the device doesn't support the requested value, even if the device is properly switched on.
If you look at the Alexa App, is showed the same error (only with ON state).
If you ask to Alexa to dim the device there are NO errors, all OK.
If you ask to Alexa to switch-off the device there are NO errors, all OK.
In any case, all OK with Domotiga: no errors or strange happenings with KNX dimmer device, with On-off and dimming.


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I have tried all the combinations you have listed above and cannot seem to recreate the issue. 0% dim and 100% dim both seem to be fully supported on multi and single value dimmer in both on and off state. Ironically, Alexa uses 2 values for on/off state and dim value in its messages. The single value dimming device actually has to have logic to create both these values and this logic always sent 0% dimming value when off and 100% dimming value when turned on.

The one thing I have not been able to test is whether this is still true if you only have a dot v3 on the network (can't disconnect all my others right now) as from what we saw before this seems to be a bit of a pain. I will try this later this week to see what happens.

Also, what device are you running Alexa app on - Android or iOS. Mine is Android. Possible app difference?

Other than that, I can only think that there is something a little different with your setup that is causing bad messages or bad values to be sent on status updates. When you send a command with Alexa or the app, it immediately asks for a status update from domo-hue-bridge. Are you able to try these tests with a non KNX dimable device and see if it does the same. This will at least point to or eliminate the KNX plugin maybe updating values before the status message.

Also, if you can recreate it, can you run domo-hue-bridge in debug mode and send me the log to see if I can see anything.


RE: Amazon Echo / Dot / Alexa - Added by linuxmate 8 days ago

I have attached here the debug file, where you can see various on/off commands gived to single-value and double-value devices.
During tests I have noticed the same behaviour decribed in my previous post.


RE: Amazon Echo / Dot / Alexa - Added by msp1974 7 days ago


This is very useful.

It is clearly an issue when only a DOTv3 is on the network as DOTv2s and Echos are not as bothered about the returned status after a command. WHich is why I couldn't recreate this the other day.

I have found definitely one bug in domo-hue-bridge. More of a typo on my part! When turning on single value dim devices, the status is returning 255 instead of 254 for the dim value. I will fix this tonight.

I haven't yet found an issue with multi dim devices but will again look later at this some more.