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CheckDeviceChangeEvents doesn't check triggers?

Added by Anonymous almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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It seems to me (after checking the source) that CheckDeviceChangeEvents doesn't check the triggers anymore and starts doing the events right away.
In previous versions the triggers where checked, but now they are not, or am i missing something?
It noticed because the events for 'value=on' and 'value=off' where triggered both when the device status changed.


#1 Updated by rdnzl almost 9 years ago

You are correct I think, another users suspected a problem with event triggers too, being triggered always... Will look into this and let you know. Thanks for the bugreport/pointer.

#2 Updated by Anonymous almost 9 years ago

Some prelimenary testing tells me it's working again, so no double switch on and off.
Numeric comparisons don't work yet however, but this brings back the little comfort-things I was missing :)

#3 Updated by rdnzl almost 9 years ago

I will check what the reason is for the numeric comparison bug.

#4 Updated by Anonymous almost 9 years ago

Numeric comparisons was my problem too, see
I think Ron is about to applie my fix.

#5 Updated by rdnzl almost 9 years ago

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I have just uploaded some Events bugfixes to r419.
Turned out that the patch given didn't work correctly with floats ie 31.122 Watts.
Now after trying and testing it works on all occasions with even less code than before ;-)

[Events] Check condition 33 < 40 = True
[Events] Check condition 33 > 40 = False
[Events] Check condition 33 > 22.411 = True
[Events] Check condition 11 < 22.411 = True
[Events] Check condition 33 = 33 = True
[Events] Check condition 33 <> 33 = False
[Events] Check condition 33 <> 31 = True
[Events] Check condition test = test = True
[Events] Check condition test = Test = False
[Events] Check condition test <> Test = True
[Events] Check condition True = True = True
[Events] Check condition True = False = False
[Events] Check condition False = False = True
[Events] Invalid comparison in [[CheckCondition]]() routine!
(when trying to do invalid things like IF "Test" > "test" THEN)
[Events] Check condition 35.739 < 30 = False

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