New version 1.0.018

Added by rdnzl over 4 years ago

New version 1.0.018, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

NOTE: This version only runs on Gambas 3.6.0 or higher!
So upgrade your Gambas version first and then start this new DomotiGa version.
If you can't upgrade for some reason ask help on the forum or open a issue ticket.

Fixed: Don't display error when smartvisu monitor device is found.
Fixed: Also display device on device logpage when value1 isn't logged, but value2 and higher is.
Added: You can now set a value with json method value.set, this will not trigger device control.
Added: You can now display globalvars on your smartvisu pages by using _var behind item name.
Fixed: WeatherUnderground refresh timer.
Fixed: Renamed option save changes to database.
Fixed: Format values.
Fixed: Made deviceblacklist combo readonly.
Added: Support to send html email.
Fixed: Added a ton of tooltips to action editor
Fixed: Merged select forms into one.
Fixed: Removed unused select forms.
Fixed: Manual select and import of tvguide from settings.
Added: development directory with CPluginFoo example.
Fixed: Moved json-rpc test script to development directory.
Fixed: Added reconnect code to CPluginFoo example.
Added: Reconnect code to KNX class.
Fixed: Made reconnect code for Fritz!box and GenericIO more standard.
Fixed: Select instance #1 by default when adding new device.
Fixed: Added missing ")" to Events.module.
Updated: catch error when eval period
Added: RaZberry wrapper scripts.
Fixed: Small GUI of Splashscreen.
Fixed: Als check for disabled devices when added new one.
Merge branch 'beta-gambas360' of into beta-gambas360
Fixed: Don't autocreate a device if a disabled one with same address exists.
Fixed: Small GUI changes.
Fixed: Install sql files.
Fixed: More KNX DPT tests.
Fixed: DPT decoding.
Fixed: Small code cleanup.
Fixed: Check icon size in device editor.
Fixed: Replace CurrentCost code by new version made by Alan, thanks!
Fixed: Added two forgotten files for file select.
Fixed: Added new devices to RaZberry parse code.
Fixed: Now the GenericIO code also sends the address.
Fixed: GenericIO, fixed TCP reconnect code.
Fixed: Merged some tabPanel tabs, for better user experience.
Fixed: Renamed a few KNX devicetypes.
Merge pull request #17 from danfos/minor_fixes
Fixed: Replaced all tabstrips with tabpanels.
Fixed: GUI layout, made most big forms smaller.
Fixed: Import table of tvchannels.
Fixed: Recreated Graph Editor form.
Fixed: Added missing FritzBox plugin entry.
Fixed: Checks and warning if you want to delete an in use event trigger, action or condition.
Fixed: Some JSON calls.
Fixed: Renamed Pachube to Xively.
Fixed: Rewrote code to support native Xively JSON format.
Fixed: An empty value1 wil be created when you create a new device.
Fixed: Issue with setdevice, added more debug log entries.
Fixed: KNX DPT1,2 decoding.
Fixed: Improve MySensors SendCommand. Not debugged yet.
Fixed: Corrected link in P2000 email
Fixed: Use Gambas implementations of acos, deg2rad and rad2deg
Fixed: Variable cleanup
Updated: Have Serial Port Usage show Serial Device and /dev/serial/by-id information in one table.
Fixed: Changed default RPC type to JSON-RPC
Fixed: Do not warn if XML-RPC is disabled and the RPC-type is JSON-RPC
Added: Check the server and client RPC port to be the same
Fixed: Increase JSON-RPC timeout so things are not timing out on startup on a Raspberry
Fixed: Silently ignore data bogus data receive from the mysensor interface.
Fixed: Remove unused variables
Fixed: Replaced all TabStrips with TabPanels.
Fixed: Check for valid input in multi-trigger.
Fixed: GUI cleanup, made DeviceEditor and EventEditor form smaller. (use tabs)
Fixed: Renamed all Pachube name to Xively.
Fixed: Rewrote Xively to support native json http put.
Fixed: Made GenericIO settings form smaller.
Fixed: Replaced some TabStrip with TabPanels.
Fixed: Added some more serialport browser buttons.
Fixed: Check if trigger, condition or action is used in an event before deleting.
Fixed: Issue with Event editor, when no actions were entered, double creation.
Fixed: Better KNX decode routines, more test data.
Fixed: OpenTherm settings GUI.
Fixed: Disable fetch devices for pushbullet action if not in server mode.
Fixed: Trigger editor GUI cleanup.
Fixed: Pushbullet API key is called Access Token now (as on their website)
Fixed: More KNX DPT tests, bugfixes.
Fixed: Display message instead of error when weather tabs are opened in client mode.
Fixed: Razberry binary on/off code patch.
Fixed: Code cleanup.
Fixed: Additional KNX DPT decoders.
Added: DPT test values.
Fixed: KNX decoding of DPT 5.*, DPT 10.001
Added: KNX decoding DPT 4.*, DPT 7.*, DPT 16.*, DPT 17.001, DPT 18.001
Fixed: Upgrade script.
Fixed: Removed local XmlRpc component, use native one.
Fixed: Removed deprecated LCDNumber controls.
Fixed: Revert to native FileChooser, included component.
Removed: All local Gambas3.5 fixes.


Added by lolouk44 over 4 years ago

Note for Current Cost users: the current energy consumption is now in value 1.

Added by nateferguson about 1 year ago

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