New version 1.0.019

Added by rdnzl over 4 years ago

New version 1.0.019, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

NOTE: This version only runs on Gambas 3.6.0 or higher, using Gambas 3.6.2 is recommended!
So upgrade your Gambas version first and then start this new DomotiGa version.
If you can't upgrade for some reason ask help on our forum or open an issue ticket.

Fixed: Prevent race condition when connecting for MQTT plugin.
Fixed: Only warn for oversized device icon's.
Fixed: Replaced all webclient icons to 16x16
Fixed: Resized last few icons to 16x16
Fixed: Smaller temperature icon.
Fixed: Small fixed to KNX class.
Changed: More logging when using thermostat functionality
Fixed: Some alignments in the thermostat editor
Fixed: Removed error/warning when saving a thermostat schedule
Fixed: Updated PluginFoo templates, added TCP only version.
Fixed: MQTT username and password enocoding, thanks Alexie for the pointer!
Fixed: e-mail setup authentication checks.
Fixed: Velbus Last.Status typo.
Fixed: Added TCP reconnect code to Velbus plugin.
Fixed: Replaced old reconnect code with newer for MySensor, CUL, HomeMatic, IRTrans, Mochad, RFXCom* plugins.
Fixed: Synced client and server files.
Fixed: Renamed TCP connecting and connection closed strings.
Fixed: Rename of settings_weatherug was missing in the install SQL files
Fixed: Reconnect timer mechanism bug for FritzBox, KNX, GenericIO.
Added: Reconnect timer for OpenTherm.
Fixed: Try to fix the CTelnet (int) error message, converted to more recent gambas syntax
Fixed issue 486 - Any valuenum is now allowed for a device
Fixed: Typo in RFXcomRX interface name.
Fixed: Order of Devices.ValueUpdate params in RFXcomRX TH4 parse code.
Fixed: Added missing Balloon argument for createvalue check in device editor.
Added: Support for reading data from Omniksol Solar Inverters.
Fixed: SQL table device_valuetypes was missing in the install files
Changed: iPhone Webclient DomotiGa is using JSON-RPC (was XML-RPC)
Fixed: Find correct interface for HDDtemp.
Merge pull request #20 from danfos/thermostat_fix
Fixed: Ported XMLRPC Thermostat DerogateHeating functions to JSONRPC
Merge pull request #19 from danfos/minor_fixes
Fixed: Fix HTML email detection for HTML tags seperate over multiple lines
Fixed: Rewrote ParseText so that it will replace all templates
Fixed: Have ParseText not "trigger" on HTML tags
Fixed: Several MySQL query optimizations for device updates and event checking.
Fixed: Get interface id's once for every plugin only at startup.
Fixed: Removed alot of show table calls.
Fixed: Decoding of MQTT publish messages.
Added: Decoding of Owntracks MQTT payloads.
Fixed: Removed spaces in KNX DPT9 values.
Fixed: Small GUI changes.
Fixed: Create upgrade, install files and added new version info.
Fixed: Small code cleanup.