New version 1.0.022

Added by rdnzl over 3 years ago

Fixed: Small blank space fixes, recompile.
Added: Add new hue light to auto create
Fixed: Buienradar settings when updating 10+ fields
Added: WeatherUnderground search support states, required for our American users
Added: sslcertificate table for HTTP and SSL Socket support
Fixed: Issue 587 - could crash if clicking on defaults
Fixed: Some minor textual issues in Weather settings
Added: Buienrader plugin, thanks to Johan!
Fixed: TVGuide didn't work (anymore)
Fixed: AVControl didn't populate SqueezeServer commands
Fixed: Typo in squeezeserver vs squeezeplayer
Fixed: SqueezeServer issue with stop/pause/start and XML/JSON-RPC
Fixed: JSON-RPC won't give a proper error message if SSL certificates were wrong
Fixed: JSON-RPC could crash if clients were connected when disconnecting
Changed: JSON-RPC shows when it uses SSL or none-SSL
Changed: CSocket uses the standard Gambas "Socket" instead of the "MySocket"
Fixed: OpenZWave disconnect issue
Changed: Updated OpenZWave wrapper README
Added: Visonic parameters for motion timeout, force standard and auto-sync date/time
Changed: Install/Upgrade SQL files
Fix bug #586
Changed: CSocket/CServerSocket started supported for DataType (like CSerialPort)
Changed: CSerialPort exposes the ReConnectRetry to save between new instances
Fixed: CSerialPort didn't stop timer when port is closed
Fixed: CSocket could raise an error if remote is closed too quickly
Changed: CSerialPort supports read/write handling
Changed: CVisonic uses CSerialPort now
Fixed: CSerialPort wouldn't raise the Read event
Added: CSerialPort first attempt to make retry/error handling better
Changed: CSocket raises WebSocketReady when it is ready for bi-directional data
Changed: CSocket server-socket assignment simplified
Fixed: CSocket RequestInURL couldn't be read
Added: Date/Time to HTTP/1.1 responses
Changed: .project file updated to Gambas 3.8.1 and DomotiGa 1.0.022
Added: CSocket also works as client socket
Fixed: CSocket SSL_read blocked sometimes
Fixed: Issue 584 - RFXCom Commander crash with Chime
Changed: Updated MySensors to v1.5, some more work is required to fully support it
Changed: JsonRpcFunction/Server aren't needed anymore, now JSON-RPC and OpenZWave use their own
Changed: OpenZWave plugin uses its own JSON-RPC code
Changed: Minor JSON-RPC internal changes, public to private calls and proper variable naming
Fixed: JSON-RPC didn't close ServerSocket on exit and hangs DomotiGa*3
Changed: JSON-RPC doesn't use JsonRpcServer (deprecated) anymore
Added: Visonic has a device to show arm/disarm status of the security panel
Fixed: Visonic Plugin is more robust with failures now
Fixed: Visonic Plugin shouldn't turn off device if it is a magnetic contact
Fixed: Few small bugs in CSocket.class
Changed: CSocket support WebSocket writing (needs more testing)
Added: ServerSocket partial support for client certificates (not working yet)
Changed: CSocket supports WebSocket reading of packets now
Changed: CSocket partially supports WebSockets and improved HTTP header handling
Fixed: JSON-RPC could generate invalid data, due to a bug in Gambas 3.8.0
Fixed: RaZberry will now use http instead of https when userid/password specified
Changed: Improved HTTP/1.0 and 1.1 handling in CSocket.class. Chunked and persistent connections supported.
Changed: Renamed CSSL to CSocket/CServerSocket, because it isn't SSL only
Added: CSocket can act as a client-socket too (not heaviliy tested yet)
Changed: Gambas warning cleanup
Fixed: Concurrency issue in CSSLSocket
Added: HTTPS (SSL) support for JSON-RPC
Added: Generic SSL Server/Socket component for all TCP sockets
Fixed: Pushbullet doesn't support "All" devices and would give HTTP 400
Fixed: iPhone client didn't work properly if no switch/dim devices existed
Changed: Added more Visonic PowerMaster devices
Changed: DomoZWave uses the new api call for controller commands of the open-zwave library
Fixed: DomoZWave compile warnings removed with latest open-zwave version
Merge branch 'beta' of into beta
Added: NotifyMyAndroid Priority support (Feature #580)
Merge pull request #45 from brefra/beta
Fixed: Velbus VMB7IN counter channel offset
Fixed: DomotiGaServer3 could crash on unsollicated broadcast messages
Fixed: VMB2BLE module and decoding of energy counter message
Fixed: Velbus energy message
Fixed: Publish corrected values to interfaces like SmartVISU and MQTT on valueupdates.
Set Plugwise busy timer delay correctly.
Small sql update and install corrections for Velbus.
Merge pull request #44 from brefra/beta
Added: Support for Velbus module VMB4RYLD
Changed: Use all Onkyo SetCommand commands via SetDevice.
Sync DomotiGaServer with DomotiGa and cleanup scenes methodes
Merge pull request #43 from mroxh/beta
Scene functions added
Fixed disabled resizing of condition editor window.
Fixed deviceeditor now uses correct instance# when checking address uniqueness.
Added new variable to event formula described in feature request #570 (example Dev_1_Value1_LastChanged)
Allow more than one address for Arp-Scan devices (separate them with | char)
Fixed bug reported as #571 GenericIO plugin.
Fixed: Small changes to investigate issues with OTGW and K8055.
Changed: Convert Events view to GridView.
Fixed: Serial Monitor will sometimes crash when closing the port
Fixed: Serial Monitor layout didn't show close button always properly
Added: New upgrade file.


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