DomotiGa: New version 1.0.015 (2 comments)

Added by rdnzl over 5 years ago

New version 1.0.015, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

Added: support for Eneco Toon thermostat, control and read values via portal.
Added: Toon code to set program state and thermostat setpoint.
Added: Toon Commander, needs work, basic settemp and state works though.
Merge branch 'VieraPlugin' of into sijones-VieraPlugin
Added: Panasonic Viera TV support.
Added: Cross-Origin support in JSON-RPC Added: HTTP/1.1 100-Continue support in JSON-RPC
Added: Preliminary support to push deviceupdates and logupdates via JSON-RPC RAW Changed
Added: Database settings table for Toon thermostat.
Added: Support for the following new devices to RFXtrx plugin. (RFXtrx Firmware 71 needed)
Added: ByronSX Chime/DW/Motion Receive/Transmit support Chime1 (ByronSX)
Added: Alecto SA-30 Smoke Detector Receive/Transmit (SA30)
Added: Energenie ENER010 Power Socket support (Energenie)
Added: MDRemote LED Dimmer support (MDRemote)
Added: Some Livolo Dimmer and Switch support, not finished, stupid hardware, don't use? (Livolo)
Added: RGB Module support (TRC02)
Added: X10 Security1 transmit functionality to RFXTrx and RFXComCmdr.
Added: TH10 RUBiCSON/IW008T/TX95 Temp/Hygro Sensor (Rubicson)
Added: TH11 EW109
Added: Fan support for Siemens SF01 fan's. (SF01)
Merge branch 'Velbus-support' of into brefra-Velbus-support
Added: Velbus support
Initial code to support Velbus devices:
VMB4RY - 4 Relay module
VMB4DC - 0/1 - 10V dimmer controller
VMB7IN - 7 Channel input module
VMBDME - Dimmer module
VMBGPO - Oled touch panel
Added: More Danfoss setpoint support in open-zwave
Added: On/Off commands for DMXPlayer, thanks Nico.
Added: 9600 Baud to CurrentCost settings.
Added: More ranges to Combobox fill routine.
Added: RAW TCP JSON-RPC support (not fully tested yet)
Added: Started with support for Danfoss Z-Wave devices
Fixed: Out of bounds with Toon burnerInfo value 3.
Fixed: 100% cpu if Shell is enabled on Raspberry Pi (and possible other ARM architectures)
Fixed: Some fixes were missing in the Server code
Added: Code to kill shell processes
Added: Log response with Toon http error 500.
Fixed: Close Jerome socket on exit.
Fixed: Jerome control command, check correct case.
Fixed: Correctly add new value to new device.
Added: Option to device value editor, to delete only the log entries of one value.
Fixed: Added Jerome device control.
Fixed: Correctly list logged value1 in device value editor.
Fixed: DomoZWave crash if the ~/domotiga/wrappers/domozwave directory didn't exist
Fixed: Optimized/cleaned up Jerome code.
Fixed: Auto device creation for Jerome modules.
Added: Signal handling to DomotiGaServer3 (again)
Fixed: Also store Toon power day used values in Power Usage device.
Fixed: Toon first check if JSON data is received before parsing.
Fixed: Also add random uuid value to more Toon http get requests.
Fixed: DomotiGa3 could hang on exit if Shell was enabled
Fixed: Ping was set to disabled if the plugin was runtime stopped
Fixed: DomotiGa3 wouldn't exit properly when Shell was enabled
Fixed: Some Settings couldn't be saved if the valuebox value changed
Changed: Replace 'deviceid' with 'device_id' for the device_values table
Fixed: OpenZWave SP (SetPoint) is properly converted
Fixed: OpenZWave wrapper should report Heating 1 in value2 now
Fixed: Danfoss thermostat couldn't be set via json-rpc/xml-rpc
Fixed: Sunrise/Sunset triggers would stop working if the time is xx:00
Changed: Modified most MySQL columns to have a proper default value
Added: Toon device control, UUID is now properly generated.
Added: Startup log now shows the system Architecture too.
Changed: For the new settings_* tables, set default numeric values to not null
Added: new modules to link scripts
Fixed: Converted all database rows to myISAM type.
Fixed: Declare the RFXtrx subroutines as Private when possible.
Fixed: Don't report Battery Low for KD101 and SA30 devices. Ad
Fixes: Bug kept updating power off, should only report it once it's off
Fixes: Bug couldn't send power off command to TV.
Fixed: Copied WebSocket also to DomotiGaServer3
Fixed: Declare RFXtrx subroutines as Private when possible.
Fixed: Don't report Battery Low for KD101 and SA30 devices.
Changed: Split up most X10Security device types to be able to transmit commands.
Fixed: Correctly detect RFXtrx 'Wrong command received from application' response.
Fixed: Added Viera devicetype to AutoCreateDevice code.
Changed: Viera devicetype id.
Changed: Moved Viera settings menu to Audio/Video.
Fixed: Baudrate typo in database, updated version number in code files.
Fixed Velbus interface ID for new installations
Updated: Mochad extended dim value for domotigaserver
Updated: Mochad parse extended code
Changed: openzwave will compile again on the latest revision of the testing branch
Moved: apache config file
Fixed: DomotiGa3 Client couldn't always control audio devices
Fixed: RFXCom Commander could crash in rare conditions
Fixed: Device/Trigger/Condition/etc editor could crash on a "Delete" when in add mode
Fixed: DomotiGa3 client could crash if DSC was restart
Changed: The DomotiGa client will on use the DomotiGaServer GlobalVars and doesn't update them locally
Fixed: When edit GlobalVars, it will be refreshed first from the Server.
Fixed: issue 419 - Control tab does not refresh active locations
Fixed: Edit Modules didn't always show the "right" information
Fixed: Issue 418 - sort sequence not maintained
Added: Reverse column sort in Device and Device values tabs
Changed: zwave methods are deprecated in XML-RPC
Added: Cron information to the trigger tab (more user friendly)
Changed: All JSONClient methods are implemented in the JSON-RPC server
Fixed: Few typos in the XML-RPC server code
Changed: Added revision 71 to the RFXComTRX list
Changed: JSONClient is complete now. JSON-RPC server code still needs to be added.
Changed: Improved Plugin debug logging
Changed: All module references removed from Plugin code
Changed: Converted all XMLClient calls into generic Client calls.
Fixed: RRDTool showed wrong information in debug mode
Changed: Improved RaZberry, YouLess, P2000 and PVoutput HTTP error handling
Added: More functionality in the JsonRpcClient code
Added: Client module to switch between JSONClient
Changed: Moved timers to their own directory (Json-Rpc requires a few too)
Changed: Updated TODO - removed Z-Wave items, they are done
Changed: Updated README with tools directory
Fixed: Crash of Control Panel when value contains "Dim " only
Fixed: Device Value Editor correction is happening while typing
Fixed: Some misallignment in the Device Values Editor
Fixed: Issue 413 - Add extra logic to cater for additional value fields for switches (value2, value3 etc) which may hold power readings etc.
Fixed: Issue 412 - GenericIO plugin strips last character from input
Fixed: JSON-RPC method for Pushover and Prowl didn't always work.
Changed: Converted P2000 to plugin
Changed: DomotiGaServer3 will retry to connect to the MySQL
Changed: DomotiGaServer3 will do an automatic upgrade if "domotigaserver3.debian"
Changed: Converted Bwired, PVoutput and Pachube to Plugins
Fixed: Instance number wasn't correctly set for debug logging for some plugins
Fixed: OpenZWave debug showed errors (which are harmless)
Changed: Converted SMS, DSC, Ping and Twitter to Plugins
Changed: Converted Pushover, Prowl and NMA to plugin
Fixed: Typo in JSON-RPC miniserver, it still mentioned XML-RPC
Fixed: Bluetooth browser didn't always work
Changed: Converted HDDTemp to plugin
Fixed: Bluetooth set to running state (after binary is found)
Fixed: Devices.module is in sync between Server/Client now
Changed: Converted Bluetooth to plugin
Fixed: DomotiGa3 could temporary hang at exit when the Bluetooth Browser was used
Fixed: X10Cmd CM11A relay_heyu is always killed on exit
Fixed: Issue #389 - workaround for "lost connection" issue (it will retry 1x)
Fixed: Try to fix OpenZWave wrapper "Assertion `Type_NodeEvent==m_type' failed"
Fixed: Bluetooth scan now uses hcitool name instead if scan.
Fixed: Check if device query has result in CheckFirstSeen.
Fixed: Cleanup EventLoop code and corrected comments.
Fixed: Issue with settings email client.
Fixed: OpenZWave devices couldn't be switched.
Fixed: Add client name for MQTT.

DomotiGa: Moving to GitHub (2 comments)

Added by jessekerkhoven over 5 years ago

We have moved the DomotiGa code to You can find the code on

If you are using DomotiGa before with SVN please follow the instruction:

  1. Stop all running DomotiGa applications.
  2. Make a backup of DomotiGa folder with the following command:
    $ cp -rp ~/domotiga ~/domotiga.<date>
  3. Make a backup of DomotiGa MySQL database with the following command:
    $ mysqldump -u root -p domotiga >~/domotiga.<date>/domotiga-backup.sql
  4. Remove old svn folder with the following command:
    $ rm -rf ~/install/domotiga 
  5. Install git with the following command:
    $ sudo apt-get install git-core
  6. Download DomotiGa from
    $ cd ~/install
    $ git clone domotiga
    $ cp -rp ~/install/domotiga ~

Now copy over your back-upped files from the rrd directory.
Compare domotiga- and domotiga-server.conf files.

DomotiGa: New version 1.0.014

Added by rdnzl over 5 years ago

New version 1.0.014, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

  • The OpenZWave wrapper needs to be recompiled ***
    1. sudo apt-get install libudev-dev libjson0 libjson0-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev
    2. cd ~/domotiga/wrappers/domozwave
    3. make clean
    4. make
    5. sudo make install

Added: OpenZWave converted to Plugin
Added: OpenZWave wrapper XML-RPC replaced by JSON-RPC. Recompile is required
Added: open-zwave library version for the latest revisions
Added: DB Field: instance number to devices table
Added: DB Field: clientname to MQTT settings table
Fixed: With an empty database, added devices weren't visible in the FDevice tab
Fixed: Reverted back to MyISAM to fix issues #394 and #398
Fixed: All MySQL id fields are int(11) instead of a mixture of int(11) and int(20)
Fixed: open-zwave library version "2013-11-13_release_testing" should work now
Fixed: During initial MySQL setup the changed host and database aren't used
Fixed: Using tab key in Database wizard works better
Added: Season calculations added (rest of the code will follow)
Added: More error logging if an OpenZWave library fails to load/start
Fixed: Climate sensors, issue #404
Fixed: Smart meter
Add: Device id on device values page when expanded, issue #408
Fixed: Typo in FMain.class, some off icons couldn't be displayed
Fixed: Issue #405 - type dimmer/switch was missing from the IViewer code
Added: feature #383 - highlight selected events/action/etc
Fixed: Issue #383 - Events crash when clicking not on an event
Fixed: Issue #400 - IViewer crashes
Fixed: JSON-RPC API version wasn't incremented after the 1.0.013 upgrade
Fixed: Issue #389 - Removed "id" and "deviceid" from the values output
Fixed: Issue #389 - icon was missing from JSON-RPC responses
Fixed: Issue #397 - High temperature wasn't shown (low was shown twice)
Add: Device values to menu,
Updated: Cleanup devices
Updated: Json post and get for multiple device values
Updated: Energy log, device value cleanup
Updated: Device values syntax. Please read the debug log.
Added: Feature #396 - Improved floorplan editor
Fixed: Issue #394 - Error 'Query failed: Unknown column 'value2' in 'field list'' at 'Energy.Log.41
Fixed: issue #393, device value left over
Fixed: COWFS running state not set
Fixed: issue #392, device value left over
Fixed: OpenZWave doesn't poll devices automatically after revision 1517
Added: Dynamic resize of FDevices name & value columns to make it more readable on small screens
Fixed: Visonic CRC calculation is always correct now
Fixed: Added push comment to poll field.
Fixed: Remove ]]> from P2000 message titles.
Fixed: Added workaround for 'Regexp.Submatches deprecated' in Plugwise module.
Updated: Restored device overview, by adding values back
Fixed: Only save values when found.
Fixed: Really stop WeatherUG polling when disabled.
Fixed: Correctly load City setting from database.
Updated: Device values view
Fixed: issue when reset device
Fixed: Crash when edit device value (introduced in previous revision)
Fixed: Device name not visible in "Device Values" tab
Fixed: Device value label not visible in "Device Values" tab
Fixed: "Device Values" tab would crash when clicking on column labels
Added: Automatic resize of device name in "Device Values" tab

DomotiGa: New version 1.0.013

Added by jessekerkhoven over 5 years ago

New version 1.0.013, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!
Because of the big database change it can take more time to upgrade database!!
Also because of the change in device values​​, is the device information moved to a new page in the gui. Under main-> device values ​​(below the log files)

Changed: Move form fixed device values to dynamic device value.
Changed: Convert to mysql engine to inodb
Added: DomoZWave should support Everspring St814 Floor detector now
Added: Plugin for OpenZWave, but not fully tested yet (CZWave is still used)
Changed: Remove unused variables
Changed: Removed unused code from JSON-RPC
Ping count increased to two, only write RTT value when devicetype matches.
Better device update debug info.
Reload settings from database first when executing plugin.restart.
Log error when sending e-mail fails.
Fixed: Value1 - 4 weren't disabled properly with a new device (e.g. auto-create)
Fixed: Workaround to restart none-converted plugins via JSON-RPC
Updated: Event action json decode.
Add upstart script, thanks Max
Updated: Startup scripts
Cleanup: dirs
Fixed: JSON-RPC Server could crash on invalid HTTP request
Fixed: XML-RPC Server could crash on invalid HTTP request
Added: JSON-RPC whitelist
Changed: SQL field in revision 1507 wasn't correct
Added: Subroutine to retrieve OpenZWave poll value
Added: More logging for the OpenTherm SetCommand faillure
Added: GlobalVar debug split from Main debug
Updated: Add more checks for scene support, fix small typo
Updated: Add more checks for scene support
Fixed: Device log not working
Updated: Crash at locations fix
Changed: RFXCom Commander will show if the device is connected or not connected
Fixed: Plugin TCP errors weren't propagated in the ErrorText
Updated: Devicevalues
Fixed: xml-rpc device getstate
Fixed: Remove unused table.
Fixed: issue 375 smartvisu module
Fixed: Issue 374
Fixed: Bug 364 - Debug messages only when debug is enabled
Fixed: GenericIO regex could cause a signal 11
Changed: Remove Test button, it isn't used
Fixed: Issue 373 - Serial Port usage form fails to open
Fixed: Default settings_main table parameters were NULL
Added: settings_main Plugin and GlobalVar debug options
Changed: Removed not used GlobalX10 from RFXComTRX settings
Changed: Aligned RFXComTRX, TX and RX settings
Updated: Devicevalues migration
Fixed: Display log info for device
Changed: Rename the RFXCom interface names, removing manufacturer name
Changed: Re-ordered Z-Wave interface menu
Fixed: RFXtrx firmware version shown for the right device-type
Fixed: RaZberry settings link to the WebGUI didn't work
Changed: RFXCom Commander will show RFXtrx configuration and version information
Changed: RFXCom Commander will auto-hide disabled RFX, RX or TX plugins
Changed: OpenZWave basic polling is deprecated, should only be used for ancient devices
Added: Plugin can retrieve the list of enabled instances per plugin
Updated: Event operations cleanup, remove unused code
Updated: Event operations cleanup
Fixed: Bug loop trough database in JSON-RPC

DomotiGa: New version 1.0.012

Added by jessekerkhoven almost 6 years ago

New version 1.0.012, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

Added: JSON-RPC Server,
Added: Scene support
Added: OpenZWave SetPoint temperature for Danfoss
Added: Disable OpenZWave polling per device
Added: OpenZWave wrapper calls for Wake-Up interval get and set
Added: Pushover priority and sound support - thanks Janno
Added: Certain GlobalVar names are system (can't be deleted) or are read-only now
Added: More OpenZWave API/SDK versions
Changed: Device lastseen and last updated
Changed: The OpenZWave HomeId is reported in hex now (else it would show negative numbers)
Changed: Opentherm set thermostart, thanks brefa
Changed: IViewer move devicename to deviceid, thanks thecad
Changed: MQTT get published data
Changed: Converted GMail to class and plugin (and removed from Mail.module). If the user/password combination is wrong, it will also display this better
Changed: Email, twitter, nma, prowl and pushover will log a warning when used, but disabled
Changed: Z-Wave Commander will auto-hide "User Code" tab if the device doesn't have CommandClass USER_CODE
Changed: Device Editor will enable the device as default when new
Changed: Converted Digitemp to Class Plugin
Changed: Converted X10Cmd to Class Plugin - thanks Jesse
Changed: Converted SqueezeServer and SmartVISU to Plugins
Changed: Converted VISCA to Plugin
Fixed: Gambas XML-RPC has timing issue with HTTP request, mainly noticed with openremote
Fixed: Issue 368 - Pioneer control failed
Fixed: Mqtt decode message also when not in debug mode, send message when debug is off, retain message or not
Fixed: DomotiGa would hang if the Z-Wave controller is hard-reset
Fixed: issue 365 Onkyo interface settings can't be saved
Fixed: GenericIO causes crash
Fixed: settings_zwave table default values were wrong
Fixed: Trying to fix bug #362 in opentherm
Fixed: Issue 361 - OpenTherm class has an invalid variable
Fixed: OpenZWave setting didn't allow to enabled polling
Fixed: GlobalVar "Dark" issue - the value wasn't always reliable
Fixed: GlobalVar "Mute" something set to True after restart
Fixed: DomoZWave wrapper didn't compile on Ubuntu 13.10
Fixed: DeviceEditor showed "deviceid" in all tabs
Fixed: Battery powered devices (without other status update) didn't update lastseen
Fixed: Issue 358 - Unknown symbol in 'CreateRRDs' in class 'ServerStats'
Fixed: Issue 357 - K8055 plugin couldn't switch on/off
Fixed: Sound can't play mp3/ogg, removed from the list
Fixed: P2000 couldn't be disabled in Settings
Fixed: The Digitemp plugin didn't start, and couldn't be enabled

DomotiGa: New version 1.0.011

Added by jessekerkhoven almost 6 years ago

New version 1.0.011, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

Add: First version of devicevalues
Changed: Convert almost all modules/classes to plugin
Updated: First verion to move from device name to device id. Things that are based on device name are deprecated. Messages can be found in debuglog.
Added: Norwegian, thanks to roffer
Added: Basic Json-Rpc Server, still a lot of methods need to be defined/added
Added: Beta version of razberry interface
Added: Italian language to GUI settings. Updated flag icons.

And a lot of internal cleanups

DomotiGa: New version 1.0.010

Added by rdnzl almost 6 years ago

New version 1.0.010, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!
Added: DeviceUpdate functionality to IViewer code, thanks to 'thechad'.
Added: GenericIO interface, support for generic two way serial and IP devices using regex.
See Wiki page for more information soon, another thanks to 'thechad'.
Fixed: Display only interfaces matching selected protocol in device editor again.
Fixed: Thermostat database definitions, thanks Alexie.
Added: Started adding RaZberry Z-Wave support, it only read the nodes now, parsing updates follows soon.
So not finished yet, but need feedback on found devices and values.
Fixed: Using preferred name in autocreate device code if supplied.
Added: The MQTT now has heartbeat support, a command buffer and more, still issues.
Fixed: 'Windows no object' error when database wizard was closed.
Changed: Enlarged device name database field to 64 chars.

DomotiGa: New version 1.0.009

Added by rdnzl almost 6 years ago

New version 1.0.009, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!
Small device editor fixes.
Added initial support for DMXPlayer module, thanks Ronald!
Completed WeatherUnderground support.
WeatherUnderground GUI needs tidying up, any volunteers?
You can now use WeatherUnderground data in events via globalvars starting with Weather_.
Started putting GUI source files in separate directories.

DomotiGa: New version 1.0.008

Added by rdnzl almost 6 years ago

New version 1.0.008, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!
Made default setting values the same as active ones.
Removed Google Latitude database entries.
Added missing secondary thermostat database field, needs testing.

DomotiGa: New version 1.0.007

Added by rdnzl almost 6 years ago

New version 1.0.007, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!
Added Prowl, NMA and Pushover notify services, thank Alex!
Correctly spelled RFXCom Transceiver, oops.
Corrected X10Security protocol for Mochad interface.
Added initial support for SmartVISU's websocket. Example site and docs follow.
Added very initial support for P2000 monitor fetching, xml parsing needs to be coded.
Added initial WeatherUnderground support.
Just saving data to globalvar or virtdevice needs to be done.
Added major patch made by Francois, thanks!
Here a list of his contribution:
Changed XML-RPC method device.getstate so you can get all device values.
Added new XML-RPC methods thermostat.getderogateheating and thermostat.setsecondary.
Added optional second thermostat schedule for each heating point and scenario.
Reroute client setdevice calls via XML-RPC.
Hidden devices and disabled devices doesn't have the same behavior.
Hiding a device only removes it from the GUI but it is still updated and can trigger events.
Calibration works on empty values. (useful for virtual devices)
You can now use macros and thermostats in Event action scripts.
You can now toggle a devices state from devices list menu.
Changed the contextual menu in device tabs to switch device state and hide/unhide.
Added contextual menu in event/trigger/condition/action.
Edit/delete/run/disable DomotiGa checks if the trigger/condition/action is not used before accepting the removal.
A fix for setglobalvar.


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