DomotiGa has a long list of features, the following are the major ones:
  • Open-source, licenses under GPLv3 (GNU Public License version 3)
  • Runs on almost any recent Linux distribution
  • Supports a wide range of devices and modules, e.g. 1-Wire, Bluetooth, Cameras, FritzBox, Glatitude, KNX EIB, OpenTherm, Plugwise, RFXCom, X11, Z-Wave. For the complete list of supported devices, see the following link:
  • Show statistical web graphs, e.g. power usage, temperature, humity
  • Optional Web browser client
  • Optional Android client
  • Optional iPhone client


Software in alpha development state at the moment and several modules are only partially implemented, so what is the software capable of at this moment?

  • It calculates and displays current moonphase, sunrise and sunset and populate global program variables with these values.
  • Same for weekend, weekdays, time of day (evening, afternoon etc), season, dark/light based on sunset/sunrise.
  • It switches my porch light on and off at preset scheduled times. (via Xanura CTX35)
  • It displays current temperatures and humidity values measured by my 6 Oregon sensors placed around the house and in the garden. (via RFXcom receiver) as well as the sensors of neighbors ;-)
  • It receives UV level from my Oregon UV138 sensor placed in the garden. (via RFXcom receiver)
  • It monitors the temperature of the 4 harddrives placed in my server, and notifies me per e-mail if it reaches the threshold I have set. (via hddtemp)
  • It monitors the status of my AIBO 'Rakker' and set device value accordingly.
  • It keeps an eye on the status of my APC UPS, and displays status (Online, On battery etc) and the voltage of the line input in Volt. (via nut/upsd)
  • It shows if it detected motion/no motion reported by the MS13E sensors, it also displays dark or light status these devices reports. (via RFXcom receiver)
  • It monitors server room temperature measured by the DS18S20 sensor mounted on the Midon TEMP08 interface. (via Midon TEMP08)
  • It monitors Mailbox status detected by an DS90 sensor, same for door/window open/closed. (via RFXcom receiver)
  • It stores temperature and humid values inside rrd databases, and create statistic graphs on the fly to be displayed. (via rrdtool)
  • Same for RFXCom RFXPwr sensor to store power usage. (via RFXcom receiver)
  • You can view, edit and store all program settings via the GUI inside database.
  • View logfile data (Main program, RFXCom, Xanura X10).
  • Manage and view video capture images taken from IP9000 video server and stored inside the MySQL database.
  • Add, delete, change list of products by EAN barcode. (it can generate a shoppinglist for example)
  • Edit all devices via the GUI.
  • Tool Menu: Serial Port Usage; displays overview of all serial ports in use, and by which module.
  • Tool Menu: X10 Commander; send X10 commands, to program and test modules.
  • Tool Menu: Database Admin; delete tables, use with care.
  • Tool Menu: Bluetooth Browser; shows which BT devices are around.
  • If devices have reported battery status low, the program will sent you an e-mail.
  • It knows when you or others are home, because it detected your/their Bluetooth device/phone is within reach, which is linked to user names.

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