Barcode Scanner

I doubt if this module is useful =), it was build as a test if I could support the barcode scanner wedge I had bought years ago.

You can scan your stuff in two different ways, with the help of a Barcode Wedge, or with a Camera.

Using a Barcode Scanner

It's a Manhattan SD313E SmartPro CCD, with an USB connector which functions as a HID (input device) it's spits out ASCII.

This module stores barcodes and it's product description in the database so you can see what's in stock, and what you have to buy at the shop.

You can e-mail a list with the current stock like this:

**         Your Stock List for Tue 02-Dec-2008        **
 7x Biologische Pindakaas AH        
 1x Bloemenhoning AH                
 1x De Ruijter Chocoladehagel Puur  
 2x Knorr Chicken Tonight Sate       a €  6.90   € 13.80
 4x Dubbel Frisss Appel en Perzik   
 1x OMO Waspoeder Wit               
 1x Heinz Tomaten Ketchup           
 1x Belegen Geraspte Kaas Super de B a €  1.20   €  1.20
 1x Maaslander Plakjes Komijn Kaas  
 2x Senseo Mocca Gourmet Pads 36 stu a €  3.05   €  6.10
 1x Liga Milk Break Melk - Aardbei   a €  3.95   €  3.95
 1x Penne Pasta 500gr C1000         
Total :                                          € 25.05

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Same for shoppinglist which lists the difference between stock and target qty's.

**       Your Shopping List for Tue 02-Dec-2008       **
 1x Knorr Chicken Tonight Sate       a €  6.90   €  6.90
11x Belegen Geraspte Kaas Super de B a €  1.20   € 13.20
 4x Senseo Mocca Gourmet Pads 36 stu a €  3.05   € 12.20
 1x Liga Milk Break Melk - Aardbei   a €  3.95   €  3.95
Total :                                          € 36.25

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There is no Setup menu entry for this Barcode module.
It just accepts keyboard-like input from your barcode scanner, you can even cut and past bar codes to test without a scanner.

You can save product images in domotiga/icons/stock, the name must be the <barcode>.jpg.

Using a Camera

Thomas build support for barcode scanning with a tool called zbarcam, thanks for that!
You need a camera with auto focus, I don't have one so couldn't get a picture sharp enough for zbarcam to recognize it.

On Ubuntu 9.10 you can install the zbarcam command from pkg.

Just do:

$ sudo aptitute install zbar zbar-tools

Then goto the Barcode page and click 'Start ZBarScan'
When zbarcam sees a barcode it will automatically send it to DomotiGa.

Some notes:
  • The camera which is at /dev/video0 is the device chosen by zbarcam.
  • Don't buy an webcam without auto-focus.
  • A resolution of 320x240 is enough for zbarcam.
  • Buy a camera which has drivers for Linux.


These are the barcodes to control the functions:

Find command mode

Substract command mode

Add command mode

Shopping list requested

Stock list requested

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