You can use the GUI client to view webcams, public or on your LAN, and Video4Linux devices locally connected.
There is also support for controlling PTZ camera's like Axis, Foscam, Watchbot and Sony VISCA.

Camera can be created in the Interfaces menu ->Cameras-> Cameras

Cameras can be viewed and defined in Extra (section) -> Camera

No actions or triggers seem to be possible (ideas: "save picture" or "email picture" or "toggle infrared")

Install Ip camera on Ubuntu

In Ubuntu you have to install first vlc.

apt-get install vlc

After this installation you can activate the IP camera in the Domotiga GUI

To view the videostream in Domotiyii

When you want to see the videostream in Domotiyii you can do that with the next browsers:

firefox (Linux and Windows)
safari ( Ipad and Apple)
Google chrome will NOT show the stream (All OS)!

Extra view commands:

To show the camera views in the Domotiga viewer you need sometimes more information on the
URL path. See next commands for an older camera.

AVI 203 H264 IP Camera:

This command will give a moment shot!

If you leave the rule after the '?' away the camera will give a live stream !

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  • Added by rayven over 3 years ago

    I was able to get ptz working with the watchbot api with a username and password for my foscam camera. By changing the way the http request was structured.
    FCamera.class Line 406 Example "&user=[username]&pwd=[password]"

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