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The Minimote is a fully functional Z-Wave remote control capable of adding, removing and controlling other Z-Wave devices. It can also become a secondary or inclusion controller to a SIS gateway in the Z-Wave network. RF range is 30 meter indoors and 90 meter outdoors. Network setup buttons (such as adding and removing Z-Wave products to the network) are located underneath the bottom-slide door while Z-Wave scene control buttons are easily available to the user on the top of the remote controller. By taking advantage of the Z-Wave mesh network, commands can be routed to their destination via intermediary “listening” Z-Wave products. Products that are Z-Wave certified can be used and communicate with other Z-Wave certified devices.

The minimote functionality can't be fully used with the open-zwave library, because it can't program association scenes. Basic functionality to receive the button pressed (tap or hold) is available for the first 4 buttons (see further description below).

By default the Minimote will not send anything to the Z-Wave controller if a button is pressed
The Minimote has to have a firmware of 1.19 or higher to function properly


Press the include button on the Minimote and after that click the include button in the Z-Wave Commander Controller tab. This should add the Minimote to the node list, otherwise repeat the previous steps again.


The easiest procedure is to reset the Minimote to factory default (see user manual) and click the Remove Failed Node button in the Z-Wave Commander Controller tab.

Activate 4-Buttons

By default the Minimote will not any event or information to the Z-Wave controller if a button is pressed. The following procedure will configurable the Minimote to send a scene identifier to the controller if one of 4 buttons are pressed.

Update the revision 850 or higher

The revision 850 has the working device config, please update to the latest version first.

Remove the zwcfg*xml

If your Minimote is already include in your Z-Wave network, please remove the existing ~/domotiga/wrappers/domozwave/zwcfg*xml and restart DomotiGa. Otherwise the new configuration file isn't loaded and we can't configure the Minimote properly.

Wake-Up Minimote

Now start DomotiGa and wait until all nodes are queried. Press the Include button on the Minimote for 3 seconds, this should wake up your Minimote and make itself known and it should appear correctly in your node list (e.g. manufacturer and device name shown).

Set the "All Buttons Scenes" to True / 1

In the Z-Wave Commander click on the Minimote node and go to the Config tab. Go to configuration parameter 250 named All Buttons Scenes and type in 1 and enter. Click on the Save button to queue it for sending to the Minimote.

Wake-Up Minimote Again

The Minimote is a sleeping device and needs to be woken up before the configuration is applied. Press the include button again for 3 seconds to wake up your Minimote.


Press any of the 4 buttons on the Minimote, now you should see the values 1 - 8 in DomotiGa. See the following table for the possible combinations:

Button Scene Id
Button 1 (tap) 1
Button 1 (hold) 2
Button 2 (tap) 3
Button 2 (hold) 4
Button 3 (tap) 5
Button 3 (hold) 6
Button 4 (tap) 7
Button 4 (hold) 8

The Minimote doesn't always wake up properly, so repeat the previous 3 steps until it is working. Please consult the ~/domotiga/wrappers/domozwave/OZW_Log.txt for debug logging

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