Z-Wave Aeon Labs Multi Sensor

Aeon MultiSensor


MultiSensor from Aeon Labs that delivers Motion, Temperature, Humidity and Light sensor values:


Press the black button inside once.


When the MultiSensor is removed from a z-wave network it should restore itself to factory settings.

Notifications and Wake up

The sensor has three reporting groups and per group it can be configured:
  • The interval (in seconds) to send out the Report (parameters 111/112/113)
    • The minimum Wake Up interval time is 4 minutes (240 seconds)
  • Which reports are send for the group (parameters 101/102/103)
    • You can enable Luminance (bit 7)/Humidity (bit 6)/Temperature (bit 5) and Battery (bit 0)
    • By default everything is disabled
    • If you want to enable all reports, set the value to 225.

Tips & Tricks

  • Inside the sensor there is a black button:
    • Press once to have the sensor transmit a Node Info Frame
    • Keep the button pressed for two seconds to send a Wake up Notification
    • Press the button three times to keep the sensor 10 minutes awake

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