Z-Wave: Aeon Labs Multi Sensor 6

Aeon Labs Multi Sensor 6 photo


MultiSensor from Aeon Labs that delivers Motion, Temperature, Humidity, UV, tamper and Light sensor values. This is a Gen5 device supporting seccurity. However it is backwards compatible with non-secure controllers.

Firmware 1.06 of the MultiSensor doesn't report UV, this is fixed in firmware 1.07. If you have an European device, see the below the procedure to update firmware via OTA


- put the controller in inclusion mode
- unsecure: press the action button once.
- Secure: press the action button twice within one second.




Value Description Units
Value1 Sensor On/Off
Value2 Temperature C / F
Value3 Relative Humidity %
Value4 Luminance lux
Value5 UV
Value6 Alarm Level
Value7 Alarm Type
Value8 Source Node Id
Value9 Burglar

Notification and wakeup

The sensor has three reporting groups and per group it can be configured:
- The interval (in seconds) to send out the Report (parameters 111/112/113)
The minimum Wake Up interval (on time, parameter 3) time is 4 minutes (240 seconds)
- Which reports are send for the group (parameters 101/102/103)
By default everything is disabled
If you want to enable all reports, set the value of a group to 241.

Tips & Tricks

- with firmware 1.06, there are issues with the UV sensor. The device is always reporting a "0" value back. New firmware could solve the issue. See OTA.
- Some users report the device temperature is elevated if powerd by USB: the device is slighty warming up. Solution: correct temperature of devive via parameter 201. Details see Aeonlabs FAQ: [[]]
- manual: see attachments: AEZW100A-Manual.pdf
- FAQ of aeonlabs: [[]]

OTA (firmware update for UV)

After submitting a case @ aeonlabs, they give me a firmware update to "make the UV and LUX sensor more sensitive". This firmware is not yet public available, but added in this post. I used it on a multi6 device with firmware 1.06 Europe. It will only work on Europe-devices.

How to?

- I only poses a Z-stick S2 (latest firmware 5.02 patch 3). This stick is not gen5 capable, but appearently, it can handle OTA updates (updates via the air)!:)
- on a windows system, unpack zip file, rename MultiSensor_6_OTA_EU_V1_07.xe_ to MultiSensor_6_OTA_EU_V1_07.exe
- make sure the driver [[]] is installed first.
- if applicable: take notice of the Z-wave device ID.
- connect your gateway in the windows system. Start the program. Follow the manual.
- If your device multi6 is already linked to the gateway, select device on the left site of the programm (as not common name is displayed, use the previous noted z-wave device ID) and start updating the firmware. It took about 15'. After the update, my config was still in place. The device still reported the old firmware version (1.06).
ota-update screenshot

Note: I couldn't use a USB 3.0 port. if using usb 3.0, my device was recognised in the settings menu on com5. However when pushing apply "I got an error the device was not found on the com port". With USB 2.0 port, no problem. According to Aeontec engineers, it happens, but it should work...

UV readings


- see [[]]

  • 0 to 2: Low. A UV Index reading of 0 to 2 means low danger from the sun's UV rays for the average person. ...
  • 3 to 5: Moderate. A UV Index reading of 3 to 5 means moderate risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure. ...
  • 6 to 7: High. ...
  • 8 to 10: Very High. ...
  • 11 or more: Extreme.


The multi6 sensor will report a value between 0 and 10. Rounded to 1 (if values are 0.5 and over, under 0.5 will round down)

- UV is expressed in mWatt / cm². UV is not by default available in DomotiGa. Therefore:
  • open Devices, Devicetypes / groups (Edit modules), tab DeviceValueTypes and edit "UV"
  • Open device linked to multi6 sensor and select for value 6 (UV is recognised as value7) the expression "mW/cm²".

Johan Van Dyck.

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