Danfoss Radiator Thermostat

The Danfoss Radiator Thermostat (also called Living Connect) is a battery powered, Z-Wave controlled electronic radiator thermostat. The thermostat can be controlled using three buttons on the front.

Apart from controlling it via Z-Wave you can also use the internal scheduler which allows for 9 different setpoints for each day.

Supported versions

There are a few version of the Danfoss Radiator Thermostat out there, some will work with Z-Wave and some don't work with Z-Wave (only with Danfoss software).

Model Version Supported
Living Connect 014G0002 2.06 Yes
Living Connect 014G0002 3.02 No
Living Connect 014G0002 3.04 No
Living Connect 014G0002 4.02 No
Living Connect Z 014G0012 1.00 Yes
Living Connect Z 014G0012 2.50 Yes
Living Connect Z 014G0012 2.51 Yes


If the thermostat has been removed from the radiator and needs to be reinstalled (after being used), it is necessary to activate installation mode to prevent damage to the thermostat.
To enter installation mode:
  • Press middle button "." until "M" is displayed.
  • Press middle button "." to withdraw the spindle.
  • "M" flashes.
  • Reinstall the thermostat on the valve.
  • Press middle button "." for approx. 3 seconds to exit.
  • Press middle button "." for at least 3 seconds until "M" is displayed.
  • Press middle button "." once again and include node.


  • Press middle button "." for at least 3 seconds until "M" is displayed.
  • Press middle button "." once again and exclude node.

Tips & Tricks

  • At this time (domotiga 1.0.018) you need to add "value1" manually.
    To do: Edit device (Danfoss ZWave Radiator Thermostat)
    Go to tab "Values"
    Press "Add Value" and just save without changes
  • To change the setpoint make device "dimmable" (Edit Device - Tab "Options" - check "Device can be dimmed")
  • Value1 hast to be like this: "SP 20.00" (without "") for 20°C. Test by Add Action for Danfoss ZWave device. Remember - there is a delay, device will not change immediately. This is because of the "wake up time" to safe battery. Default is 300 seconds. I.E. last check of actual temperatur was 05:03, changes in value1 done at 05:05 then the new value will be set at 05:08 (every 300 seconds after last "wake up").
  • The thermostat does not report the current temperature, it reports the setpoint.

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