Z-Wave Fibaro FGD211


This is a pretty small dimmer module that should fit in a wall switch box with a depth ≥ 50mm with a legacy switch mounted in front.

It can dim/switch one lamp 25-500 W (resistive - 230V) and supports momentary switches (drukschakelaars) and toggle switches, but only using momentary switches you can control the dimming. The device has support for a second switch (S2) that can be used to control another device.


Press the push-button connected to S1 quickly three times. For a momentary switch, see below.


Remove the device from mains, press and hold the service button B and connect mains again; wait for 3 seconds.

Tips & Tricks

The dimmer module is by default set to use a so called momentary switch (drukschakelaar) and the manual indicates:

For toggle switches, it is recommended to enter the device into the inclusion/exclusion mode by using service push-button B.

When doing this you will see that this service button is functioning the same as the primary switch so if you want to include the device using this service button, you have to press it three times quickly.

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