Z-Wave Fibaro FGS221


The Fibaro insert is designed to be placed into a pattress box behind the traditional switch. This switch is then not longer controlling the electrical load directly but acts as input device for the insert. The insert has an internal relay to control the electrical load attached. With product an existing installation can be turned into a Z-Wave enabled smart system keeping the original switches in place. This is particularly important if these switches belong to a special switching series where no Z-Wave enabled replacement is available. This insert switch can control 2 different devices.


  • Add Double Relay Switch to the network by pushing three times button B located inside the housing of the device. Please note that you need to push the B button three times very fast and not more then three times (else the include/exclude is cancelled)

Most likely the inclusion will fail the first few times, repeat until it works



  • Within 5 seconds after connecting mains voltage supply Double Relay Switch allows the user to reset settings by single pressing S1 key and then holding key S2

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