Z-Wave Fibaro FGSS001


The Fibaro FGSS001 is a Z-Wave smoke sensor.

Fibaro markets this device saying:

Almost all of the smoke sensors available on the market were designed with just one objective in mind – discovering potential threats. Hardly any of the manufacturers paid any attention to design. Naturally, smoke sensor is to save lives. However, like most of other sensors, smoke sensor is a device installed in visible places, e.g. on ceilings. That's why our designers decided to combine uncompromised safety with functionality and aesthetics so much appreciated by our customers.


This Z-Wave device will go into an auto-inclusion mode if it isn't included into a network yet:

  • Auto-inclusion will be activated, i.e. Plug automatically start looking for Z-Wave network controller if it is powered using 12B/24 VDC. Auto-inclusion activation is signaled by a single, red, LED ring blink.
  • Set the Z-Wave network main controller into learning mode (see Z-Wave network controller operating manual)

For battery operated operation, use the manual option:

  • Triple click the B button, located on the Plug's casing


  • Insert the Plug into a socket
  • Set the Z-Wave network controller into the learn-mode or exclude-mode (see Z-Wave controller operating manual)
  • Triple click the B button, located on the Plug's casing


  • Insert the Plug into a socket
  • Press and hold the B button for 15 - 20 seconds until LED ring glows yellow
  • Release the B button
  • Press the B button, briefly
  • Once the reset procedure is completed, LED ring will glow red and turn off. Plug's relay will turn off as well

Test Alarm

  • Press and hold the B button for 10 seconds until alarm sounds. After releasing, alarm sounds for about 2 seconds.
  • Beware not to hold the button any longer otherwise you risk resetting the device


  • The temperature is reported within value1
  • If smoke alarm is detected, value3 changes to On
  • value5 is changed to On if the sensor is tampered. For example remove sensor from its socket

Tips & Tricks

  • Many owners have reported that they hear the device beeping once in some random intervals. If so, set "Z-wave range interval" parameter to 0
  • You may associate other devices to the first group (for the smoke sensor it's called Smoke Alarm) from within the Open Z-Wave Commander selecting the smoke device. Now if a smoke alarm is detected, the associated device is switched on as well.

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