First Time Config

After the first time setup, it is time to make your first time configuration.

While installation/setup is similar for all hardware, the complete configuration is largely dependent on what kind of (domotica) Devices/Interfaces/setup you have. This chapter handles generic configuration settings.

Astro and Location

This configuration window that you can find under Setup -> Astro and Location is used to configure the time-zone and other date/time settings and localization settings like currency and temperature:

DomotiGa calculates the sun rise and sun set times based on the Latitude/Longitude.
You can check the log to see what sunset and rise times it did calculate:

2013/02/11 00:00:00 Latitude: 52.8167 Longitude: -5.7667 Timezone: 1
2013/02/11 00:00:00 Sunrise at 08:50, Sunset at 18:25
2013/02/11 00:00:00 Twilight Sunrise at 08:14, Twilight Sunset at 19:01 civil
2013/02/11 00:00:00 Moon phase is New.
2013/02/11 00:00:00 Moon is in Aquarius.
2013/02/11 00:00:00 Age from new 0 days.
2013/02/11 00:00:00 Distance 58.82 Earth radii.
2013/02/11 00:00:00 Ecliptic latitude: 5 degrees.
2013/02/11 00:00:00 Ecliptic longitude: 337.99 degrees.
2013/02/11 00:00:00 Season is winter.

See Events on how to create events with this information.

Network Ping

Network Ping is a simple module that pings other devices. You do not need actual (domotica) devices for it so it is a good way to create you first own device.

Create one "ping device", see Network Ping for details.

Server Stats

Server Stats is a great way to check if graphing and other things are correctly set up an work.

Set up Server Stats and be sure that the RRDTool graphing is working, you should see the graphs on the System Stats page (right menu: System, Statistics) and the Overview, 2h, 1d, 2d, 1w etc. buttons should refresh the data.

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