Creating and supporting this software is a hobby project of mine.
I started it just out of fun and to get the hardware which I had laying round work for me.
The more people using it, the happier I get, but having more people fiddle with your (beta) software also means more attention and follow up on questions is needed.

I get a lot of responses for the last weeks (which is a good thing), but this fact brings me to ask for your help.

This doesn't mean giving cash right away, if you want to donate some Euro's please do so by using the Paypal button on this page.

But you can also help in a number of other ways too, for example:

  • Download and install Gambas and Domotiga and report your experiences.
  • Try out your home automation hardware, report bugs (New Ticket) and suggestions.
  • Ask for permission to edit this wiki and help me document various things.
  • Lend or Donate me home automation hardware for which you want to have support coded.
  • Point me to interesting websites and articles on the web. (Contact Form)
  • Help other users by replying to their questions. (Forums, Tickets)
  • Write new functionality.
  • I need work on web client, (ajax,php) event system, database schema etc.

Thanks a lot for any help!

Kind Regards,

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