Latest version of DomotiGa can be downloaded by using git, no archives are made available (yet).

$ sudo apt-get install git-core
$ git clone domotiga

This will download the complete tree in the directory called domotiga. Look under repository if you want to browse it first.

Docker (x86_64)

We have created a DomotiGa Docker Image with all the software installed.

This Docker image has the following software:
  • DomotiGa 1.0.026
  • Gambas 3.12.2
  • Open Z-Wave 1.4

The Docker image can be download as follows:

$ docker pull ualex73/domotiga 

Links with further information to start the image:

LiveCD (x86 / x86_64)

We have created a DomotiGa LiveCD image for you to try out. You don't have to install anything on your computer to use it, just boot from this LiveCD. Simple download the ISO and burn it to a CD or DVD, or create a bootable USB stick with the help of Unetbootin. Optionally this LiveCD can be installed to the harddisk if required.

This ISO has the following software:
  • Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS 32-bit (i386) or 64-bit (amd64)
  • DomotiGa 1.0.025
  • Gambas 3.11
  • MySQL Server 5.7
  • Open Z-Wave 1.4

The ISO can be download with the following link:

32-bit (2018-08-27) (Lubuntu - 1GB)

64-bit (2018-08-27) (Lubuntu - 1GB) (Ubuntu - 2GB)

If you have an older PC with less than 2GB of memory, choose the 32-bit download.


Running the LiveCD doesn't require an username or password. If the LiveCD is installed to harddisk, the username is "domo" with the password "domotiga".

The only pre-set password is for the MySQL Server root account, this password is "domotiga".


This environment was created to make it easy for new users to try out DomotiGa and Gambas before installing a single bit or without making any changes to your system.

You can even use it as a test tool for your domotica hardware, but be aware that settings and database changes do not survive a reboot since they are stored in memory only.

If you want to start using it more seriously you can simply reboot again and choose "Install Ubuntu" to install it permanently on your system. You can install it as the only OS on a new machine, let it replace your current installation, or you can choose to install it next to Windows for example, it will resize the partition to make room if needed.

Please look around on this website and explore the Gambas resources to learn more about these open source projects, and spread the word!

Raspberry Pi / Pi 2 / Pi 3 image

We have created a DomotiGa Raspberry Pi, Pi 2 and Pi 3 image for you to try out. Simple download the zip file and write it to a SD-card (4GB or more).

This image has the following software:
  • Raspbian Stretch 2018-06-27
  • DomotiGa 1.0.025
  • DomotiYii (2018-08-24)
  • Gambas 3.11
  • MySQL Server 5.7
  • Open Z-Wave 1.4
  • eibd/knx
  • nginx

The RAW image (2018-08-24) can be download with the following link: (692MB)

It is recommended to use the RAW image of Raspbian "Stretch". The download web page describes the detailed steps how to write the RAW image to the SD Card, it consists of the following steps:
  • Download the zip file, containing the RAW image
  • Unzip the RAW image, the output file will have the .img extension
  • Format your SD card. Windows and Mac users can just use the SD Card Association’s formatting tool. Linux users need to format it as FAT32
  • Write it to a suitable (4GB or larger) SD card using the UNIX tool dd. Windows users should use Win32DiskImager. Apple Mac OS X users should use the RPi Easy SD Card Setup
  • After the RAW image is successfully written, insert the SD Card into your Raspberry Pi and power it up
  • To launch the web interface, just type this http://MY_IP/ and you will be prompted for a login password, by default admin/admin.

Do not try to drag and drop or otherwise copy over the image without using dd or Win32DiskImager – it won’t work. If you’re still not clear on what to do, the community on the Raspberry Pi Wiki has written a guide for beginners on how to set up your SD card.



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