The ELV-/eQ-3-Group is a "Elektronikversandhaus" that makes a wireless heating control system with the name MAX!. Apart from heating control elements it has also components that acts as door/window sensor and wall plug switches. The wireless data is transfered on 868 MHz.

As of r1013 Wouter started to decode the data from these devices.
We use this space to document it all.


MAX! components can be bought:


How to get this working (Or working as far as the plugin is working at the moment):
  • Follow the quick start guide (linked below), you do not need to setup the Internet connection.
  • Enable the plugin in Domotiga, and specify the IP address.
  • If you have the automatic device creating enabled in Domotiga, you are done now!
  • If you want to be able to use setpoints for the thermostats do not forget to enable the 'device is dimmable or has a setpoint' option for that device.

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  • Added by sj3fk3 over 5 years ago

    I'm currently only seeing a description and values between 50 and 55 on each of the radiator thermostats. I have no idea what the values mean. Can't be the temperature (not in ºC at least). Valve opening? Or is there something wrong?

  • Added by sj3fk3 over 4 years ago

    any new developments? I've read that current temperature is also sent by radiator thermostats.


  • Added by jteeuw over 4 years ago

    Will the eQ-3 MAX! form conrad ,be supported. It looks the same as the EVL MAX!


  • Added by gdschut about 2 years ago

    ELV MAX is still under "Work in Progress". Im thinking of changing from fhem to domotiga. My current config uses ELV Max thermostats, so I want to know: What part of ELV MAX is already working under domotiga and what needs more development?

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