The T-10 interface from EZcontrol can send RF packets to control all sorts of swithes and dimmers.
It gets it's commands from DomotiGa via UDP packets.

These are the supported devices (Firmware version 2.15):

– ELV / Conrad Electronic FS10 (Switch Modules, Dimmer ON/OFF/last level)

– ELV / Conrad Electronic FS20 (Switch Modules, Dimmer dim and direct level)

– Intertechno (Switch Modules, Dimmer ON/OFF)

– Marmitek (X-10 Switch Modules, Dimmer ON/OFF) über Marmitek Transceiver TM13)

– OASE InScenio FM-Master (Switch Modules, Dimmer)

– ELRO AB-400 Flamingo (Switch Modules)

– ELRO AB-601 (Switch Modules)

– Unitec 450801 (same as ELRO AB-400, Switch Modules)

– Kopp F.C. 868MHz (Switch Modules, Dimmer ON/OFF)

– SLG RS-200 (Switch Modules)

– REV Telecomfort (Switch Modules, Dimmer ON/OFF)

– Phillips SBC SP370 (Switch Modules)

– Brennenstuhl Art.Nr. 1 507310 (Switch Modules, limited)

– Quigg (Switch Modules, limited)

– Europe Supplies Ltd. RS-86204 (Switch Modules)

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