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Gambas is a free development and runtime environment based on a Basic interpreter, a bit like Microsoft Visual Basic (but it is not a clone) – DomotiGa is written in Gambas and requires it to run. It is also recommended to start with the regular releases and not with the TRUNK releases (these are development releases). The TRUNK is only advised if you run into issues with the current release.

Currently there are 2 versions of Gambas available, they are Gambas 2.x and 3.x. The version 2.x isn't supported anymore by DomotiGa. Only use version 3.x with DomotiGa.


For installation on a Raspberry Pi or other Debian based embedded boards, see Hardware_RaspberryPi#Gambas.
There are also pre-compiled gambas3 packages for Ubuntu, see Hardware_PhoenixA20#Gambas.

Working with the DomotiGa project

To open the project:

cd ~/domotiga/DomotiGa3/

To build the DomotiGa3.gambas executable

For more details and debugging tips, see the Gambas Debugging page.

Official Sites

Gambas related Forums

Tips and Tricks

Example Source

The Gambas IDE comes with a great collection of examples projects, just start the IDE and select one to start developing with Gambas.


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