To monitor my server's HDD temperatures I use HDDTemp, DomotiGa connects to the TCP socket to get the values, define a device which address is the name of the disk. If HDDTemp supplies values for the same device but with a different name, place one of them in the device blacklist.

On my eee-box for example you get /dev/sda and /dev/sg0.


On the machine you want to monitor:

$ sudo apt-get install hddtemp
# To read CPU and mainboard;
$ sudo apt-get install lm-sensors

After install you have to configure the hddtemp tool (ubunutu 14.0x)

sudo dpkg-reconfigure hddtemp

After the command you have make choices;
use hddtemp as SUID root 
The Interval on temp. checks 0 (zero)
The daemon active at start of system
The interface (localhost) 
The used IP port 7634

See if things work:

$ sudo hddtemp /dev/sda /dev/sdb
/dev/sda: ADATA SP900: 34°C
/dev/sdb: WDC WD15EARS-00WBJK0: 33°C

Start the daemon:

$ sudo hddtemp --daemon /dev/sda /dev/sdb
# NOT for ubuntu 14.0x

In DomotiGa's Setup menu enable HDDTemp module (Interfaces --> HDDTemp).

Startup Log Entries:

2009/08/26 13:51:22  HDDTemp support enabled.
2009/08/26 13:51:22  Harddrive /dev/sda status changed to 34 °C


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