The BeagleBoard is an open source, single-board computer built on TI’s OMAP3 processor line.
Small, low-power, and high-performance, the versatile BeagleBoard fits a wide variety of embedded systems applications.

The BeagleBoard combines the latest technology in mobile computing,
traditional computer interfaces, as well as direct pin-bus hardware hackability into a single 3-inch by 3-inch module.

Rev C4 carries an OMAP3530 processor, the 720 MHz, ARM-Cortex A8 processor also found in the Motorola Droid and Palm Pre.
The board also features 2GB NAND and SDRAM, which is mounted directly to the processor itself.

The lightweight Angstrom distribution of Linux is designed to provide embedded software programmers with a familiar and fully-
functional interface to custom hardware development.
Google’s open source Android is another popular platform for mobile application development compatible with the BeagleBoard.

The new BeagleTouch, BeagleJuice, and BeagleMod bring modularity to the BeagleBoard,
so prototyping embedded hardware projects makes them snap and go!


You can use it as a DomotiGa server. To be able to run DomotiGa on it you have to install some pre-requisite packages.

  • Download the Ubuntu Maverick SD (4G MIN) image from here (the file maverick-preinstalled-netbook-armel+omap.img)
  • Flash the image to the SD card by following the information here
  • Insert the SD card into your BeagleBoard and switch it On.
  • Configure and update the Ubuntu distro.
  • Install MySQL Server with the Synaptic package manager.
  • Install Gambas by following the steps described here for Ubuntu Maverick 10.10.

And enjoy running DomotiGa on your ARM board!

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