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The latest Philips TV series xxPFL9xxx and certain xxPFL8xxx with firmware (dated 15/07/2010) support an open protocol called jointSPACE.

With this you can build modules to be installed on the home screen, you can use the TV to display content from remote devices (via directFB)
and you can control your TV via the LAN/WIFI.

Are there any DomotiGa users who have a Philips xxPFL9xxx series (or certain 8xxx series) TV like me, with some spare time who could help building DomotiGa support for it?
Would be nice to be able to control certain parts of the TV and to be able to have OSD from DomotiGa to your TV's without the need for extra hardware.
Displaying your home automation status graphically etc...

There is a simulator for Linux (not tested yet), and SDK's for Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, even an Nintendo DS can display text on it...
The source is also available, so if anyone can build an Android SDK that would be nice too..

Look at the Related Resources below for more info...

It all looks very new, so more info and apps will appear soon I guess...
even google knows almost nothing...

NOTE: This firmware version is an USB only upgrade so when you let your TV search for updates via de LAN/internet like U usually do it won't find it, you have to download it manually to a USB stick and upgrade your TV.

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