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Notify My Android (here after called NMA) is a platform that allows you to delivery push notifications from virtually any application to your Android device. They offer a client application that runs on your Android device and a set of easy to use public APIs that can be integrated into software.

NMA isn't completely freeware, you need to upgrade your NMA account from “trial” to “Premium” to receive more then 5 notifications a day

Other DomotiGa supported notifiers are Pushover, Pushbullet and Prowl.


Notify My Android has the following requirements:
  • DomotiGa 1.0.007 (revision 1293) or higher
  • DomotiGa has an internet connection
  • NMA API Key, this one can be created/requested in the following steps
  • NMA installed on your Android device. The exact name in the Play Store is “Notify My Android”. The App can be downloaded here


To use the NMA notification, an API key is required. This section will describe how to register yourself and request a free API key for your notifications. Go to the following website:

1. This will show you the following web page. Now you need to first register before you can get generate an API key, click on the register link.

2. After you clicked on the register link, then the website will show you the following web page. Here you can register for a free NMA account and supply your username, password an email address.

3. Supply an unique username, password and email address. Don't forget to enter the Captcha, else you can't register. In the following example the username is DomotiGa. When finished, click on the bottom register button.

4. If your supplied information is correct, it will show you the following web page. In this example the username DomotiGa is successfully registered. Now you should login, click on the Proceed to Login link.

5. Now login in with your credentials, supplied during register and click on the bottom login button.

6. If the credentials are correct, the following web page is shown and you're logged in. At this moment you don't have an API key yet. To create a new API key, click on the bottom Generate New Key button.

7. After you clicked on the Generate Key button the following web page is shown, with your just generated API key. This API key is a 48-byte hexadecimal string.

Copy or write down the generate NMA API key, this is required to be configured in DomotiGa.

DomotiGa Setup

1. After you registered an account and generated an API key, you can configure this API key in DomotiGa. Start the DomotiGa GUI and go to the Notify My Android module. This module is located in the top menu bar, click on Modules => Notifiers => Notify My Android. This will give you the following screen. By default the module is disabled, click on the Module Enabled option to enable it now.

2. After the module is enabled, you can configure your NMA API key. This is the 48-byte hexadecimal string from the NMA website. Supply this key in the NMA API key input field.

3. Additionally you can configure the Application and Event input fields. These fields are mandatory for the NMA notification. In the example below the Application field is Github and the Event field is Commit. The rest of the text is the message.

4. Before you click on the Save button it is highly recommended to execute the Validate API key and Send Message. If both are successful then you know it has been setup and is working.

When you click on the Validate API key button and your key is valid, you will see the following message on your screen. If you get an invalid message, please check your API key and retry.

5. When you click on Send Message and if they key is valid and is accepted by the NMA site, you will get the following message on your screen. Check your NMA application on your Android if the message is successfully received. The message text will be “Test message from DomotiGa :-)”.

Now NMA is successfully setup and please click on the Save button to save your NMA settings.

DomotiGa Event/Action

1. After the Notify My Android module has been setup you can use the NMA as a DomotiGa action in an event to send messages. To create a new action go top menu bar, click on Events => Add Action. This will give you the following screen.

2. Click on the Action Type and select the Send Notify My Android from the list. Supply the other information like Name, Description and the Message and click on the Save button.

Now you can use this action in your events. You can define as many different NMA notification messages as you want.


The following Frequently Asked Questions should give you answers to most common questions or problems.

Q: Where can I find more information and help about NMA
A: For more help go to the NMA website:

Q: I get the message “NMA API key INVALID”
A: Most likely the supplied API key is incorrectly copy-pasted or typed-over from the NMA website, but in the message is exact error message from the NMA website.

Q: I get the message “Failed to send NMA message”
A: Most likely the supplied API key is incorrectly, but in the message is exact error message from the NMA website.

Q: No message is received on device # 1
A: A: There are multiple reasons why no notification message is received on your device. First check if your Notify My Android module is enabled and configured properly, for more information enable the “debug” option in the NMA Module. Secondly check if the action is setup properly and assigned to an event. For more information enable the “debug” for events in “Setup => Main => Debug => Events”.

Q: No message is received on device # 2
A: NMA has a limit of 5 notification messages a day when you didn't pay for. If you want to go over this limit, you need to upgrade your account to “Premium”.


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