This is a domotiga for dummies like myself :)

This will show you how to add

1. RFXCOM Transceiver usb

2. Add a nexa switch and pair it with your RFX

3 Add aa simple time schedule for your nexa switch

Ok here we go

Step 1 add your transceiver in main menu interfaces

Step 2 setup your interface

Step 3 start RFX Commander

Step 4 Choose house code and unit code and choose ARC

Step 5 Set your Nexa switch in learning mode and press the "On" command from the RFX Commander you should now hear the "click" in your nexa switch!

Step 6 Add a new Device

Step 7 Set a simple time schedule for your Nexa Switch

Add a new event

Name the event and Press "create" at the "trigger" name the action. The picture shows a trigger that will switch on your switch everyday at 8:55 am

Press "create" down at the Action here you set what device that the "trigger" should use and that it should set the 1 value to "On"

Repeat the same for time to switch of your device.

I hope this will help you and remember this is just the first draft i will continue to add more dummy guides the more i use this great software

Also available in: PDF HTML TXT