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DomotiGa support reading telegrams from Dutch Smart Meters. A Dutch Smart Meter (using the NTA8130 standard) has a data-port (also called P1) on which it dumps the data from connected utility meters every 10 seconds (DSMR 4 and older) or every 1 second (DSMR 5). Not only electricity usage but also other connected meters (through MBus) like Gas, Heating, Cooling, Water.

Also power generated from Sun/Wind which is delivered back to the net by the client is logged.


Smart Meter support has the following requirements:
  • P1 (RJ11) connected via serial cable

Supported DSMR Versions

The following DSMR version have been successfully validated with DomotiGa:

DSMR Version Status Default Speed*
2.X Not tested 9600 7E1
2.2.X Supported 9600 7E1
3.0 Supported 9600 7E1
4.0.X Supported 115200 8N1
4.2.X Supported 115200 8N1
5.0.X Supported 115200 8N1

The Default Speed is the most common used serialport settings for baudrate, databits, parity and stopbits, but please consult your device manual first. Some vendors use different settings.

Disclaimer: Build and use this at your own risk!

The P1 port is usually present in the form of a RJ11 socket. It's half duplex serial port with TTL level (0-5V) signals, 3 out of 4 pins are connected. The following table shows the RJ11 pin layout, signal description and the optional DB9 pin layout when using a USB to RS232 cable.

RJ11 Pin # Signal DB9 Pin #
5 DATA (RxD) 2

You need to build a special serial cable, you must make sure that the REQUEST pin must be kept HIGH before it starts dumping data.
And the signals are inverted so 0 = 5V and 5V = 0 volt, if you use an FTDI converted (needed to convert levels from 0-5v to -12/+12v) you can tweak it so it will invert the signals for you.
Additional information about FT_Prog [[]] can be found here: [[]]

DomotiGa stores all info in 3 or more devices (depending on how many connected MBus meters it finds)

Power Usage:

Device with id 36 displays Electricity Usage
It's address is 'P1-PowerUsed' and it displays:
Live power usage (2130Watt), meter readings High and Low tariff, and the current Tariff.

Default the power usage is reported in kWh too, but you can use a calibrate value of 'Value * 1000' to get Watts.

Power delivered:

Device with id 37 displays generated power delivered to the net by the client (Sun/Wind)
It's address is 'P1-PowerDelivered' and it displays:
Live power delivered, meter readings High and Low tariff, and current Tariff.

The power delivered is not converted to Watts here.

Gas usage:

Device with id 35 displays data from Gas meter.
It's address is 'P1-MBus1' because it's connected to the main meter via MBus channel1.
It displays the Gas meter read of last hour (timestamp in value4), the valve position and type of meter (Gas, Heat, Cooling etc)

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