Squeeze Server Support

2010/02/16 08:20:44 Squeeze Server TCP interface connecting to localhost:9090
2010/02/16 08:20:44 Squeeze Server TCP socket connected.
2010/02/16 08:20:44 Squeeze Server is running version 7.4.2.
2010/02/16 08:20:44 Current player list:
2010/02/16 08:20:44 ID: 00:00:00:00:00:01 Name: Squeezeslave Connected: Yes
2010/02/16 08:20:44 ID: 00:04:20:17:7a:b4 Name: Squeezebox Connected: Yes
2010/02/16 08:20:44 The Squeeze Server music database holds 54 albums and 690 songs from 33 artists.

You can also receiver IR codes from certain SqueezePlayers, and trigger and event with them.
Not all remotes are supported.
You can test them by enabling squeezeserver debug and press a few buttons while looking at the debug log.

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