Viera (Panasonic TV)

The Viera Plugin allows you to see the status of the Panasonic Viera TV's, it should work with most Viera TV's after 2011 although please test and let me know on the Viera thread in development forum if it does or doesn't work for you.

Currently it's obtaining the mute and volume status of the TV and updating the values in DomotiGa. Value1 is power (Off or On), Value2 is mute (Off or On), Value3 is volume level (0 to ?), you can also turn the TV off by setting the device Value1 to Off.

To configure the plugin open the plugin settings, Interfaces -> Audio/Video -> Viera

Enter the IP address, Port (should always be 55000) and Refresh (how often we poll the TV), enable the module and then save, the plugin should then start polling the TV for the mute and volume and if it's successful a Viera Device will be auto created:

If you wish to manually create the device then the following is the settings:

Currently the plugin only handles a single instance and can only send the off command, this can be extended further and we can also send more commands, like volume up/down, channel change etc, all commands available from the remote can be sent over the network, if you require this please ask on the forums.

The only downside is you cannot turn the TV on from the network, the network interface is turned off when the tv is in standby and therefore makes it impossible for any communication.

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