For working "remotely" you can run DomotiGa in a client-server mode but doing this over the public Internet is probably not a good idea. For this, web or mobile clients are a better idea.

DomotiGa delivers a few standard webclients to view, control and configure it via webbrowser, iPhone, Android, etc. The following webclients are available:

Webclient Description Supports
View Control Config
DomotiYii Main client to configure/control DomotiGa based on Yii X X X
Simple Webclient Basic client to view devices - will be replaced by domotiyii X X
iPhone Client for iPhones - will be replaced by domotiyii X X
DomotiGApp A simple Android client X X

Below some screen-shots for DomotiYii, iPhone and Andriod, for more information on the individual clients, click on the links in the table above.


DomotiYii is the webbased client for DomotiGa and is using the Yii PHP Framework.

This project started Feb 2014, see DomotiYii.


Simple iPhone client, supports controlling house mode, audio mode, and switching switchable devices, displays value1 of all devices.

For more information see iPhone simple webclient.

DomotiGa iPhone client


A simple Android client for DomotiGa, it displays in and outside temperature as well as a list of all switchable devices.

For more information see DomotiGApp.


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  • Added by sj3fk3 over 7 years ago

    Where should I see the graphs? I can see devices in my webviews, but can't get the graphs.

    • Added by OWK over 6 years ago

      The way I see it: you can browse to <ip address>/graphs/
      But that only shows the png's stored and you have to open them manually. But you can see them ;)

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