Xively is a service to store, share & discover real-time sensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices & buildings around the world...

You can let DomotiGa post your sensor data to your own feed and channels, so you can share your data in a secure way. (without having to open up your firewall or host your own website).

You can also use this data store to generate graphs for your blog, website and even monitor them via an iPhone or Android phone.

You have two options regarding how to update your feeds, the first one is configure manual feeds, this means setting a push-tme of about 10-15 minutes, enter your feed ID and API key and configure your feeds as manual on Pachube. DomotiGa will update the feeds at the configured interval. (Push)

The second option is have Xively pull your data, this is called an 'automatic feed', you set push-time to 0, and make your web server public accessible, maybe under a random URL, then you configure your feeds as automatic and you enter the URL.

You need to install webclient for this to work.

The default URL is: http://your.server.com/domotiga/?setview=pachube, but you are advised to create your own.

Here are some realtime graphs showing the temperature of my DomotiGa attic, and the battery level of my smokedetector in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

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