DomotiYii is a new web client build from scratch using the Yii PHP Framework together with the Yiistrap extension to add the bootstrap look and feel.
DomotiYii supports a desktop and mobile mode.

Devices view

More screen shots on Screenshots.


To enable DomotiYii you need DomotiGa running with the JSON-RPC server enabled. Furthermore you need to have a Web Server running with PHP enabled. After that installation is just a matter of copying the source files to the web server data directory.

For the full story, see Installation.

Log Path

To show the logs inside the webpage of Domotiyii you have to change the line:

// base path to domotiga

In the file /../www/domotiyii/protected/config/main.php


The code can be found on the Repository (see the link in main menu bar at the top of this page) and on


For installation related questions have a look at the Installation first.
For other question, try the DomotiGa forum or try the Contact Support form.

Feel free to have a look at the source and make changes for your own use.
If you made changes that can benefit others, please share them posting a message on the forum or by initiating a pull request. The project can use always help improving things.

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