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Welcome to these wiki pages where I try to collect and generate up-to-date information on how to build/program KNX devices based on the projects and information found on, and

On the wiki pages here I only describe the latest version of each module, maybe later this information will be merged with the original sites mentioned above.
I only have a limited amount of time and budget, so not all devices will be described, if you want to have information about a specific module you can sponsor me with parts, or send a donation. (Contact support)


First some warnings.
If you are unfamiliar with building electronics I suggest you buy already build KNX devices.

Some modules are connected to dangerous voltage (230 Volt), so take enough care when working with them. If you do not want to take risk you can decide to only build the low power/voltage modules yourself, and buy the high voltage/power ones from a KNX manufacturer.

Some devices like the USB programmer don't have galvanic isolation on their in- and outputs while they have their own connection to a computer so your don't connect them to modules still connected to the KNX bus, otherwise you can create short circuit/ground loops between more than one bus.

I'm not responsible for any damage done as a result of building and/or using the modules described here.

KNX Compatibility

The circuits connected to the TP-BUS behave just like an official KNX device does.
Read the Signals page for more information.

How to proceed

Make sure you have enough knowledge of the KNX protocol and basics.
Read the resources on pages mentioned in the sidebar.

Decide if you want to build one or two modules first as a Proof of Concept to get yourself comfortable in buying, building electronics and flashing the firmware intro the controller chips.

To program/test the devices you need to have a KNX power supply, and a USB or IP gateway.
You need the ETS (lite) software for programming the group addresses and program the behavior of the KNX devices on the bus.

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