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02:50 PM DomotiGa Support: RE: backup data and config for new install?
In principle backing up your MySQL database is sufficient, unless you use the rrdtool.
I will check if can find my...


09:10 AM DomotiGa Revision 527fed6f (domotiga): Fixed: Battery status wasn't always updated


02:23 PM DomotiGa Revision 1e757d50 (domotiga): Added: MQTT will publish lastseen of a device too
Fixed: MQTT published also battery status, even when disabled
Fixed: DomotiGa3 (client mode) could give an error on exit


10:32 AM DomotiGa Revision abacc39c (domotiga): Changed: MQTT Battery values are send with a request all
Changed: DomotiGa3 will now wait for a MySQL if the database has been initialized before (required for Docker)


07:32 PM DomotiGa Revision ec343db1 (domotiga): Merge branch 'master' into beta
07:30 PM DomotiGa Revision 76443a11 (domotiga): Fixed: Domotiga install didn't work on MySQL 8.0


08:55 AM DomotiGa Revision 19af0da1 (domotiga): Removed: Notify My Android, service has been stopped due to GDPR


06:03 PM DomotiGa Bug #620 (Feedback): openzwave on CentOS 7
The 'failed' gambas is fine to run DomotiGa ... just you can't start the development environment delivered with Gamba...
06:02 PM DomotiGa Bug #620: openzwave on CentOS 7
Ok, follow the following steps to include the /usr/local/lib in your path:
03:48 PM DomotiGa Development: RE: Support for Marrick Lynx-10PLC
The OpenZWave is resolved now ;-) So you can give that one a try, 1 missing library was causing it (libffi-devel).

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