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  • Last connection: 01/01/2018



Reported issues: 42


08:42 PM DomotiGa Revision 94978cd7 (domotiga): Fixed: MQTT didn't decode published messages
Added: MQTT can subscribe to multiple topics, aslong the topic is separated by "|"


11:26 AM DomotiGa Revision d3d064d1 (domotiga): Fixed: Action didn't show the MQTT topic/message
Fixed: Action detail wasn't HTML escape, this is required for RichText
10:47 AM DomotiGa Revision 818e8436 (domotiga): Fixed: Edit action didn't show Publish MQTT message
Fixed: Device name in triggers wasn't available fully visible


09:23 PM DomotiGa Revision e09451ce (domotiga): Fixed: GUI crashed when saving main settings
Fixed: lastseen/lastchanged sometimes showed a wrong time
Added: Devices list shows description (comment) now
Added: ...


05:38 AM DomotiGa Revision eca9b93c (domotiga): Added: MQTT can send all values during start-up (configurable)
Changed: MQTT only subscribes when a succesfull connect happens
Changed: MQTT QoS is 2 handling improved
Changed: MQT...


05:50 PM DomotiGa Revision 27dc1be7 (domotiga): Fixed: MQTT connection was broken
05:36 PM DomotiGa Revision fdc4c192 (domotiga): Changed: MQTT can decode and ack a PUBLISH QoS is 1.


08:33 PM DomotiGa Revision 4d1b30e4 (domotiga): Fixed: Auto-create with an invalid device name crashes DomotiGa
06:39 PM DomotiGa Revision 0854dd38 (domotiga): Fixed: MQTT don't re-publish received subscribed topics


08:51 PM DomotiGa Revision c96470e1 (domotiga): Added: MQTT full QoS 1 and 2 support

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