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01:49 PM DomotiGa Support: Zwave with razberry installed on a seperated rasbperry.
I have domotiga on 1 raspberry and razberry on another raspberry kunnen
All runs fine except domotiga is not picking...


04:10 PM DomotiGa Support: How to reset a interfase via script
I have problems that sometime my X10 need to be reset. X10 is running on a own PI.
Script to reboot this pi is worki...


02:32 PM DomotiGa Support: Philips Hue dimmer switch
Thus anyone know how the create a domotiga trigger on a switch change on the philips hue dimmer switch.


08:10 PM DomotiGa Support: Create a action on a interface error
How can I create a action script if a error in a interface is given.
In my case I have several raspberry pi runnen...


07:48 PM DomotiGa Bug #483: Action delay not working in servermode
Thanks rdnzl.
I have tried it, and it's working fine now.
will this be implemented in the next version?
The cloc...


09:22 PM DomotiGa Bug #483 (Closed): Action delay not working in servermode
I'm running domotiga server 1.0.016 on raspberry pi. The action Delay is not working. Also if you logon to the server...
07:21 PM DomotiGa Support #446: Scheduling an event
danfos wrote:
> I recently tried the [[Events#Delay|Delay Action]] and for me it looks like the action after the d...

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