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11:47 AM DomotiGa Support: RE: Rules on warning messages
Hi Martin,
You can set the option to not run the event if it ran in the last 30 min with the option: _Don't run ev...
11:43 AM DomotiGa Support: DomotiYii - Actions for events filtered out
In DomotiYii, actions already added to an event are filtered out from the list of available actions.
I think this sh...


03:38 PM DomotiGa Support: RE: Smartvisu periode issue - possible solution
Hi Raymond,
Sorry to revive an old thread, I've upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 / PHP7.1 and since then the customized co...


01:05 PM DomotiGa Support: RE: LED Strips
In case that interests anyone else, I've bought an H801 controller from AliExpress (


01:43 PM DomotiGa Support: Converting Dec in Hex
I have an H801 LED Strip controller.
to change the colour, I need to send a command including hex values of RGB, e.g...


11:04 AM DomotiGa Support: RE: LED Strips
thanks for the info :)


09:51 AM DomotiGa Support: RE: DomotiGa Crash
Thanks will try.
No I'm not running the BETA for Onkyo yet. My Pi fried up so it kept me busy :( BETA is on my nex...
07:39 AM DomotiGa Support: RE: DomotiGa Crash
Hi Alexie,
see results :...


09:53 PM DomotiGa Support: RE: controlling Onkyo AV Receiver
Hi Alexie,
Not sure if this is due to the Onkyo changes that you did...
09:51 PM DomotiGa Support: DomotiGa Crash
I've been experiencing crashes recently, not sure why.
Here is what the terminal displays for 2 occurrences:

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