Update your Gambas2 installation

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Please recompile your gambas2 environment with the latest svn source code, an important dns client bug has been fixed, which caused stability problems, with the latest code you can run for weeks in a row.

Gambas 3.0.0 released (1 comment)

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Benoît Minisini just released Gambas 3.0.0
Release Notes
While the server part of DomotiGa's runs fine on it (DomotiGaServer3), the GUI needs to get quite a few changes to use the full power of the new Gambas version, something for 2012...

New version 0.1.202 (4 comments)

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New version 0.1.202, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory first.
Removed AC address settings for RFXComTX, you can now specify the full address in Device Editor.
Your AC devices now need another address format specified.
Fixed AC/HEEU code for RFXComTX.
Renamed HE devicetype to HEUK.
Fixed RFXComxPL Dim command decoding for AC devices.
Re-enabled DNS code, please make sure you run at least Gambas2 revision 4279!
Display correct Dim slider for HE/AC devices on Control page.
Stop refresh timer of Debug page upon close.
Display correct address format for AC and HE devices in Device Editor.
Enhanced RFXCom Commander with AC and HEEU test functions.
Added KAKU again to supported protocols for JeeLabs interface.
Do not warn user of disabled device if hide and ignore option is checked in Device Editor
Read real output value for OWFS Dual I/O switch. (one channel fixed, need coding)
Fixed bug in X10 Commander for RFXCom Transmitter.
Fixed address and value decoding of OWL119/ELEC2 packet for RFXComRX.
Changed groups an inside sensor should belong to to get on the Home page.
It's now 'Inside', 'Temperature' and 'Humidity'.
For Outside sensor it's 'Outside', 'Temperature' and 'Humidity'.
Added device types for new OWFS devices, DS2406, DS2413 and DS2450.
Added RFXComRX support for Marmitek KR18, thanks Reno!
Made type field of interface table longer.

New version 0.1.201 (1 comment)

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It's old news, but for completeness here is the changelog.

New version 0.1.201, you must upgrade your database!
Backups of devices and devicetype tables are stored in /tmp too.
Renamed OneWire module to Temp08.
Added xPL module to provide support for xPL interfaces.
Added support for RFXLAN xPL interface.
Added TelnetServer module to provide MisterHouse's mhsend functionality.
Remove device calibration and divide options, fields are still there for debug.
Added Eval correction to device values to replace these values.
Check your device calibration settings after conversion. (backup is in devices.csv)
Made devicetypes addressformat field bigger, so more text can be added. (backup is in devicetypes.csv)
Added Shell interface, run command from addressfield and use returned values as device values.
Added Event categories, see option tab and Event page combobox.
Fixed bug in Event treeview list when two identical actions where used.
Renamed Heyu module to X10Cmd and added interface type, so CM15a interface can be used too.
Added Network device group and Page, where all network related device and graphs are shown.
Added ACK setting to PLCBUS module.
When enabling RFXComxPL check if xPL is enabled, warn if not.
When enabling Log RRD data is enabled, also check if RRDTool is enabled, warn if not.
Added event action of type 'script', including script editor window.
Added numerous functions to script editor.
Added new devicetypes for X10Security, PLCBUS, FS20, FHT, will overwrite yours, sorry.
From now on all devicetypes added by the user will have id > 500, all below are the defaults.
Rearranged Setup Interfaces menu to make more room.
Removed Visonic devicetype, they are all X10Security now.
Added show disabled checkbox to Event viewer.
Try to reconnect a RFXComRX socket if closed by peer.
Try to reconnect a RFXComTX socket if closed by peer.
I will update the wiki to explain all new functionalty soon.
Only use Rnd() as key in QueueCommand code because only last eight chars are used anyway.
Added X10Cmd interface to X10Commander.
Removed now() from command queue keys, only use rnd now to make them unique.
Added reconnect code to RFXComRX and RFXComTX, needs testing.
Planttalk, voicetext.... removed from eventloop.
Fixed bug in RFXComTX X10 packet creation for units higher than 8.
Added auto device creation option and code, disabled by default.
Fixed bug on Devices page when no device icons were defined.

So main new features are RFXLAN xPL support, Auto Device Create option, Device value divider/calibration removed and replaced by a Eval() formula now.
Support for CM15, event actions can be script commands, ie calls to routines inside DomotiGa.

Check wiki in the next days for more explanation on how to use the new features.


New version 0.1.200 released

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It's old but in case you missed it, released version 0.1.200, here is the changelog.

New version 0.1.200, you must upgrade your database!
Please make a backup first!
Added FHTid setting for CUL module.
Added more devicetypes to CUL interface db entry.
Only set CUL's FHTid if it's valid.
Fixed issue with CUL FS20 On value in wrong field.
Cleaned up log output of FHT decoding.
Display log entry if socket is closed by CUL device.
Formatted actuator value.
Also display decimal address for FHT devices.
Added CUL basic FS20 device control for On/Off/Dim.
Added CUL command queueing.
Fixed CUL FHT SyncTime message parse error.
Suppress logging empty CUL log lines.
Show only devices and interface which supports selected type in device editor.
Removed leading spaces in WeatherBug forecast texts.
Display WeatherBug API registration info when URL access is denied.
Make key of queue packet for PLCBUS more random.
Added delay for PLCBUS H40 command.
Allow a virtual device value to be set via event actions.
Made CTX35 command buffer key more random.
Control panel dim slider now has 16 steps.
Better syntax for example actions commands.
You can now use CUL Commander to send commands to your CUL interface.
Device editor tab order changed, thanks Jelle.
Switch of led for RFXComRX after init.
Updated binaries.
Don't display disabled log entries for disabled modules unless main debug is enabled.
Fixed tab order of heating and dvice editor, thank Jelle.
Extra error catch when CUL interface is disconnected.
Display correct device status icons, also with light/dark.
Also update devicelist in client mode is autorefresh is off.
Code cleanup in FDevices.
Display CUL FHTid also in decimal.
If On-For-Timer received, set device value On. Vice versa for Off.
Implemented a temporary poll timer, to see if CUL device stays connected.
PLCBUS Commander fixed status poll to use correct command, thanks Peter!
Implemented status report textbox, to see status, signal and noise levels.
Fixed CUL FHT80 actuator parse code, please check.
Calculate correct broadcast address for non /24 networks.
Corrected tab order of controls a on number of forms, thanks Jelle!
Added missing mysql lock table command.
Stop poll timer if CUL is disabled.
Add Ack variable to PLCBUS class.
Added a reconnect timer if CUL socket is closed by peer.
Added XMLRPC calls for PLCBUS and CUL commander.
Better error checking in PLCBUS receiver routine.
Made PLCBUS and CUL commander work in client/server mode too.
Upgraded XMLRPC API version, added new methods.
Also broadcast log messages in DomotiGa GUI server mode.
Various changes to XMLRPC and Commander routines.

Added 9600 baud to Onkyo/Integra settings, now it works via serial too.
Only store FHT80 measured temp in value field one, rest in second.
Fixed syntax error in upgrade script.
Fixed 'Error while running CheckTimeNowEvents query!' error when no triggers are defined.
Added host param to admin database backup code, so it works in client/server mode too.
Fixed bug in K8055 settings form.
Disabled async DNS queries, at least they work now.
Store FHT80 thermostat values in different device value fields.
Calculate correct FHT measured temperatures from high and low byte.
Fixed FHT SyncTime value.
Cleanup log output.
Cleanup Relay Socket connect log output.
You can now use */ in cron event trigger fields, eg. */10 * * * * means run every 10 minutes.
Also ranges together with / in same field are implemented, eg. 5-30/5 is every 5 mins between 5-30.
Fixed bug in range parse code, some didn't fire.
When saving RRD graphs, check if RRDTool is enabled, warn if not.
Code cleanup.
Fixed typo.
Added simple device switch functionality to webclient, thanks Wouter!
Needs some more work.


New version 0.1.199 released (2 comments)

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New version 0.1.199, you must upgrade your database!
Please make a backup first!
Added CUL module support, it's not finished yet, FS20 and EM type msgs are correctly decoded.
FHT decoding is not working correctly, needs work, address formats can change.


Site Moved

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We ditched Trac and use Redmine now, placed server elsewhere, added more features, user comments, blog, forums, some things needs to be tweaked/fixed, please report any issues.

If you want to help expanding the wiki let me know.


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